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Draven, the Zombie Slayer

Short story By: XxDarkAngelEyesxX

Story about a zombie slayer named Melissa Draven. This is her story.

Submitted:Jun 28, 2010    Reads: 112    Comments: 13    Likes: 1   

I was driving in my new car when I hit something. A zombie. Oh well, I don't care about any zombies, I kill them for goodness sake. But I stopped just to make sure. Nothing was there. I didn't worry about it so I got back in my new, awesome car and drove off.
It was during the afternoon which is the time that I sleep, was the most dangerous time, that's when THEY come out, to kill and to eat.
Zombies are my enemies...I, Melissa Draven, am a vampire that kills zombies.
It was up until a couple of weeks ago that I knew I could kill zombies. I am a vampire which means I have superhuman talents, such as: speed, strength, reading minds and blah, blah, blah. But since zombies are practically insane it's hard to know when they are near you. Over the weeks I have killed over 30 zombies. How did they become zombies you ask? Well, here's the story.
My vampire friends and I were enjoying our summer together. Yes we can go out in the sun, but we have to wear special necklaces to protect us. The humans were delicious this time of year, I have no idea why but they were. My boyfriend Andy was running late, so I decided to call him, he picked up and said he will be here in 5 minutes, so I hung up and waited with the others. Andy finally came, although he looked very pale and thin. There was still blood on his lips from his last feed and his fangs were retracted. I asked him where he was and he said that he was just feeding on his sister's friend; she lets him do that because the friend likes the feeling of it afterwards.
Andy also said that her blood tasted a bit funny today. I thought he might have just needed some fresh new blood, so I took him to the blood donors but after it he still said he felt sick. I thought nothing of it and took him home.
The next day, I went over to Andy's house to see how he was feeling, I went up the stairs to his dark, gloomy apartment and knocked at his door. 'Come in' he said in the quietest voice that no human could hear. I went in and found him in a dark corner near is bed. And, yes we sleep too, we love it. I took a couple of steps into his room, he looked up and he was even thinner than yesterday, and his skin was what looked like was falling off, bit by bit. His eyes were bloodshot red his fangs were even longer than yesterday, his lips, well; he didn't even look like he had lips anymore. What did that donor do to my poor Andy? I couldn't stand it anymore; I needed to know what was happening to him. I told Andy that I was going to find out was happening, so I left his room and walked over to his sisters room to ask where I could find the donor. Andy's sister Georgia was a vampire too but only half, as they have different parents. She told me where I could find the girl donor, so I ran to her house as fast as my vampire abilities could take me.
I found her house, I knocked on the door. No answer. Then I realised that the door was half open, so I peeped inside to see if anyone was home. Turns out there were I just didn't know it yet. I looked around the house; I couldn't see anyone, so I went upstairs to snoop around. When I got to the top of the staircase I found what looked like a finger. I picked it up, and that's exactly what it was. Eww! I thought. I kept walking down the hallway when I smelt blood, the scent of warm, velvet blood. My stomach was making noises, oh, I haven't had anything to eat in a while, I need blood, I thought to myself, but i will have to wait. I walked to the room where I smelt where the blood was strongest, opened the door and there it was...A ZOMBIE! It was eating at someone's arm. She was only a young zombie girl. She had dirty blonde hair with a scar above her right eye. Andy said that she had that scar, this was the girl he fed on, and so if she's a zombie now and he said that her blood tasted funny...Oh, no! This means that my poor Andy is turning into...I can't even say it...a zombie!
She saw me at the door and I tried not to scream, she walked a little closer to me but I froze. She had blood everywhere, blood was even coming out f her eyes, and I said I needed blood but looking at this, I don't feel so hungry anymore. She came closer; I started to move again, I ran down the stairs to find a weapon...ah! A knife, a big knife, a huge knife, I've never seen knife so big before, I grabbed it, oh my god, it was so heavy. But I was strong, she was coming downstairs. The one good thing about zombies is that they are really slow. This 'girl' was seriously freaking me out, and I don't scare easily, trust me. But this, this was scary, it was the way she was walking, it was the way she looked, it was the way she was drooling blood, which wasn't scary it was gross, now, I usually love blood but this 'girl's ' blood looked yuck. It was red, like all normal blood, but it had a little black in it too. It suddenly reminded me of tar from the road. I looked around the house to see if I could see anyone else, dead or alive. I went into the living room to try and find another weapon, and then I heard a loud thump. I went back over to the stairs and the zombie girl was lying on the floor disjointed, when I thought she was finally dead, because trust me, it was one hell of a fall, her fingers moved, then her head. She got up; very slowly I might add, stood up like a normal person and cracked her neck back in place. I went by my vampire instincts and hit her as hard as I could, her head came off. I remembered I had the knife in my hand and stabbed her; it must've been like 30 times because when I was finished she looked like mush. Red mush. Looks good enough to eat. I thought. I looked down at her head and found on her cheek was a dry tear. I suddenly felt sorry for the poor girl. But then I realised that I left Andy alone. I ran back to his house and quietly went up to his room, I looked into his sister's room and she was gone. Good. I don't need her there watching her brother die. I peeped into his room, and he was in the same spot, in the same position. I still had the knife in my hand, I walked slowly up to him, and then he looked up at me, looked deep into my eyes and said 'Do it'. I started crying, he stood up, he looked worse than before, he walked towards me took the knife in his hands and pointed it near his heart; he closed his eyes and tears falling. He was holding my hand because I was shaking. He was inches away from my face when I opened my eyes, he kissed me for one last time and then I pushed the knife and he gasped. My knees felt weak and I fell onto the floor, crying. I just killed my boyfriend. To make sure he was dead I took the knife and started stabbing everywhere, I had my eyes closed so I couldn't see anything. I could feel blood splatter on my face. I stopped, and walked towards the door, down the stairs, and walked home.
So, that's how I became a zombie killer. I walked home and there was a group of zombies walking around, so the zombie girl must have been the first one and she went around biting everyone.
I didn't let those zombies see me, so I ran towards someone's house where I saw a huge yellow car, I got in, the keys were still in there, drove off towards those zombies and ran them over. Blood splattered onto the car and I smiled. This car was my killing machine.
As I was driving I saw a couple more, ran over them and the rest is history.
The end is just beginning.


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