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a guy is fed up with his daily routine.

change is happening...

(okay, this story has been read a few times... I'm really disappointed no one has commented!! come on, I can take some criticism!)

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Tall, lean, brown-haired person well formed. The makes for Ranoie's perfect woman. There she was, standing three feet away from him in a tight red dress-suit, walking up the stairs to her office. She looked back, smiled and waved. How he loved her. How she did not love him back.

He would sit there for a good half hour, just to make sure she was not going to run down those steal stairs and leap into his arms, and let him take her away. She never did, of course. It was not her. Slowly, he would get up, cross the building and exit into the crisp spring air. What a wonderful day.

Later, he would find himself sitting at "Licks and Kicks Ice Cream Shop" enjoying a mint chocolate chip ice cream, while talking with a waiter on their lunch break. Just a simple daily routine. Then he would go to the nearest fine chocolate factory, and buy his Girl some of her favorite chocolates, the ones with Carmel inside.

Damn girl, she loved those chocolates more then Ranoie.

Then he would find himself back at the bottom of those stairs, waiting with the chocolates and a smile. She would hurl herself down those stairs, talking rudely on her cell phone to a customer. She would hurry by Ranoie, stopping only briefly to pull the chocolates out of his hands, and give him a quick flash of that killer smile. What a killer smile.

Ranoie would simply move on, this was a daily routine.

Once he found himself at home, she would already be there. She would be stressed out, and yell. She would yell about how he was not supportive, and he would take it. It was a daily routine. She would yell about the chocolates, how fed up she was about eating the same damn ones. Even if she was the one to pick them out. Then he would look over to the wall, to find the box of chocolates being thrown at it. This happened daily.

What a routine, eh?

Ranoie came over to clam her, but she pushed him away. He loved this girl... no matter how mean she was. She was his love.

She did not want him. She did not care about him. She did not even like him. He was her pack mule. She did not love him.

In addition, he cracked that day.

Giving her a small smile, he left the room. He walked to the kitchen, examining all the unused technology. His eyes flickered to the corner of the counter, and a nasty grin spread across his face.

Walking into the room, he held his hands behind his back. It was her time.

He came up behind her, and whispered in her ear,

"I loved you, my Princess."

In addition, with that, he shoved the kitchen knife from his back right into hers. He gave her limp body its final words.

"Sorry, but I wont take anymore of these Shit Routines."


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