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Two Diaries

Short story By: Yuan

A mixture of hallucination and truth.

Submitted:Apr 7, 2013    Reads: 22    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

"Here they are, two diaries." "Two diaries from the suspect's house?" "Yes, Sir" "This one was written by the suspect." ...... 2/21/2003 I like to make puppets because they can talk to me. ... 4/25/2002 Who was that girl? Yes, she was pretty and young, younger than me!! ... 5/20/2002 When did he change? When did our love change? ... 6/25/2002 I could change it, I could change the situation we are facing. ... 6/29/2002 He didn't come back today, did he eat? Where is he? I'm worry... 6/30/2002 Not coming back...Why are you having so many meetings? 7/1/2002 He came back, but he never talk to me. He never response me. 7/2/2002 I made him his favorite food...but why didn't he eat it? 7/3/2002 The chair was making noise, it was making noise by shaking and getting closer to me! 7/4/2003 I forced him to eat. I put food in his mouth. 7/5/2002 I made some stew, I hope him would like it. "This one was written by her child..." ...... Monday Mom was talking to her puppets. I don't understand, they look creepy and they are not living. ... Sunday Ice cream! Dad's friend bought me some ice cream, she was a nice lady with long curly hair and fairly skin. She looks like Barbie.I like her and of course the ice cream, too! ... Wednesday Mom is getting weird. She talks to puppets everyday. ... Tuesday I wonder if mom could see me. She has not talked to me for a long time. When she look at me, I can feel her eyes go through me straightly... Am I air? Wednesday Mom tied dad up with rope and put a gag on high! Why did she do that? I am scared... Thursday Mom called dad, even though dad was right in front of her. She was on the phone and talking to herself. Friday She called dad again! Is she going crazy? Dad was right there! Saturday Mom made dad sit on a chair and talked to him. But dad couldn't talk. Sunday Mom was asking dad why didn't he eat. How could dad eat with his hands tied and mouth gagged? Monday Dad was trying to escape, but he couldn't, he had no energy since he didn't eat for a long time. He is suffering! Tuesday Mom ripped dad's neck. Blood slapped on the floor. Dad was dying. Why am I watching this? Wednesday Mom chopped dad up. She put mince in the pot and heated it up. I felt like vomiting. ...... "We also got statements from the victum's workplace, the boy's school and their neighbors." Workplace: He was suddenly quit from work. We tried to contact him by sending mails and calling phone but no one answers the phone. School: The boy didn't come to school for a long time. We tried hard to contact his parents but it did not work. Neighbors: Sometimes we could hear people yelling and there were stinky smells came out from their house. Security came to regulate the problem but obviously it didn't work well. ...... "Sir, what would you think?" "Call a psychologist."


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