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The True Vampires: Dans Les Mains (Sam316547's challenge)

Short story By: yuu shindemura

Vampires are never to be called beautiful, awesome, loving, passionate, marble-looking, or any other colorful words. Emma Gilberts will know and learn it the hard way for her...the most difficult and painful way it will be.

CLASS: Extreme B-Label Short Story
GENRE: horror

A challenge from the one person I call as a perfect porcelain doll, Sam316547.

"Beauty in the Negative Horror Contest"

PART ONE: The True Vampires: Dans Les Mains (in the hands)
PART TWO: The True Vampires: in Diabolic

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The True Vampires: Dans Les Mains
The house coated white, every part and every corner of the livid nightmare turned real…with a stench of blood and oil lamps gleaming low, this has made the picturesque of reality.
This is not a day that should have turned out as this, like what Emma Gilberts have wanted…
* * *
Humans, prized possessions the heavens have; these creatures are far rational and more gifted than any living animals roaming around the Earth. They are reasonable mortals, and may be gifted with far authority than other animals living in this world; simply they can speak and can do decisions based on their minds, completely dissimilar from the other flora and fauna. Yet, when humans don't use their minds at all, they will be simply labeled as…animals.
I kept pondering on this matter, an old, white house made of wood situated in the middle of the forest surrounded by grasses. It is a mountainous region and vast forest, yes, and nothing more. Yet, I was sweeping at the back and sides of the lone house; have nothing better to do.
Moments didn't matter as I noticed the sun already on its west; I say it is beyond three in the afternoon at this moment. I slowly walked towards the front of the house, my frail body appears to be weak, but I manage, still.
"Yes, children?" I asked as two bright teenagers, a boy and a girl were standing in front of my old house. The girl wore her black tank top, a white sweater, a skirt and boots; and she appears to have dark-brown hair with hazel eyes and rosy skin; while the boy, he wore a simple jacket, shirt and jeans, and rubber shoes.
"I'm sorry, grandma, we are a little bit lost." The boy said, and yes, I'm an old lady after all, calling me as 'grandma' doesn't matter, I am old, was and still I am.
"Not to worry, young man, I don't have many visitors as you see; I'm living in the middle of a forest." I softly stated; I speak as old as my appearing age. "Anything I can do for you young dears?"
"No, ma'am, grandma, ummm…" the girl stuttered.
"Just call me grandma or Grandma Ira if you wish, pretty girl," I comforted her, "now, what is your name, I don't have enough to serve you in my house but I might be able to offer you something, tea perhaps?"
"Oh, no we don't want trouble, Grandma, we just hoped we could use the phone, if you have-you know, we got lost and our cell phones don't work here." The boy explained, "By the way, I'm Gabriel Nathans, and this is Emma," Gabriel introduced, "Emma Gilberts."
"My my, both of you youngsters are very young to go travel with just the two of you? Now come, my house may be quite old, but; please, make yourselves at home." I walked bit by bit with my staff as my support, opening the door and letting the two youngsters in.
"Thank you, grandma." Gabriel shrugged his shoulders and smiled. The two of them sat at the living room, there were no TV's or simple entertainments for them to enjoy. They seem to let their eyes wander around the antique of the abode while I heated teas for us to drink.
"Why are you kids been traveling, if it's not too much to know." as I served them the tea, I asked, looking concerned.
"Oh, we want to head to Los Angeles and-"
"We're looking out for vampires!" Emma cheerily informed. "I invited Gabriel to help me look for them!"
"My, vampires?" I took a surprise notion, "My dear, vampires don't exist."
"They do grandma! They do, have-had you read twilight, honestly you've got to, grandma, it's so awesome!" Emma squealed, the joy of her own world I say. "That proves vampires exist!"
"My dear, I'm too old already to believe in vampires…"
"No, grandma!" Emma raised her voice, "They do exist! You just haven't seen them! And now, we are looking for them since this morning but we haven't found one yet-I'm sure we will, though-unfortunately we got lost and, her we are." She added, summarizing the events that led them both at this house.
"Emma dear, I've been living for lots of years, and I can tell you, no vampires exist, as much, they are nightly creatures." I gently explained.
"There are vampires! Dammit!" Emma's eyes went wide, she stood up from the chair due to her anger; her behavior has become similar to a piranha, "There are vampires and we need to find them!"
I said to her with a bit of being confused, "Well, why are you looking for them, they are horrifying things!"
"They are not things! They are the most beautiful dazzling creature the universe has seen-seriously grandma you need to get a life and-"
"Emma, stop!" Gabriel reprimanded Emma as he grabbed her fingers which are pointing rudely at me, she is very mad that I didn't agree with her that vampires do not exist, "grandma, I'm-I'm very sorry, I'll talk to her about it and we might as well get out of here, I'm very sorry." Gabriel apologized, forcing Emma to sit down.
"No, Gabriel dear, just stay," I hushed my tone, "It's getting night, and the woods will not lead the two of you out to safety."
There was silence as the three of us drank the teas, then I excused myself, taking the cups and saucers to the kitchen after they both finished.
From the kitchen which is only mere steps away from the living room, I heard Gabriel sighed while I was washing the cups, large populations of teenagers are convinced that these creatures really do exist, "Cut it out, Emma, vampires do not exist." Gabriel said.
"Are you a fool?!" Emma spat, "Haven't you read the over-godly book Twilight? Oh yes, Edward is a god! He's so handsome and I wanted him to kiss me!" Emma squealed but she held much of her voice to herself.
"Emma, it's daylight but 30 minutes from now, it will be 6:00pm, if there are vampires like you said, they will be showing up 30 minutes from now since vampires don't come at daylight-"
Before Gabriel could even finish more of his sentences, Emma attacked, "Have you not been reading? What's wrong with you! Fool! OMG, go and read twilight if you don't know what vampires are! Whoever told you vampires only come at night?" Emma raised her voice further, "Huh? Who told you that!?"
Gabriel and Emma continued with their pointless argument about these creatures, while I went to the back door, staring at the sky, it's slowly turning into night time. The sky seems early on approaching nightfall as I expected. I went back inside the house after some more time; I assume it's already six in the evening. Emma and Gabriel were quietly sitting in the dark, so I lit up the candles for them, "Sorry young lads, I don't have electricity in this middle of nowhere…"
"And we cannot just go in the deep forest back, not with this darkness." Gabriel stated.
"Hell, great, what are we going to do now?" Emma appeared very irritated, "I don't want to stay here, unless a Greek god-looking vampire will come!"
Greek gods and vampires don't even come close, but I didn't say anything more for Emma not to get much infuriated.
Large numbers of teenagers are really convinced that these creatures really do exist, yet I know they didn't let anyone know they exist, at least not letting anyone know about it and lived to tell. I walked back to the kitchen when suddenly, an arm tugged me closer.
"Where are the girls, are they here now?" An arrogant, harsh voice sounded, very deep and hissing not only with the tone, but the character, also.
"Master Frissenra, what are you doing here, the night is just turning new, you could have come here about an hour soon!" I whispered harshly.
"Silence!" the shady character countered as he revealed himself from the shadows, Frissenra Lucerri, a slender guy clad in black long leather coat, looking a lot like late 20's, having long black hair, pale skin, crimson eyes to which his pupils are vividly seen, black-to-purple eyelids, blood-red lips and a fine beard on and under his chin. "Ira Nuhrenett, I don't need to hear suggestions from you." he warned.
"Wh-what's-who are-" In front of me stood Emma, she seemed awestruck as she stuttered when saw Frissenra… and me. Before she could say anything further, I manipulated the huge old vase sitting on the far-side corner of the house. It flew and crashed on back of her head; and with the right force for impact, Emma flopped straight to the floor. Still, I don't want to kill her, yet.
I reverted back to my original and true form. My appearance is actually not of an old lady, but is fair to a nineteen year old girl, pure white skin; white long straight hair that reaches my waist, blue eyes, thin pale lips and my clothes can be seen as a white, long garment that covers most of my body.
"Gabriel, bring Emma down to the cellar." I commanded, and yes, Gabriel obeyed, he always does. We've been doing this for long, long years…125 years long.
We went down to the cellar which is located underneath the house, where another captive was lying on the floor. She is clothed in single piece of white garment and chained. I lit the four oil lamps on each side of the corner of the cellar hanging on the low-roof, and Gabriel positioned Emma in a butcher table, who was still unconscious.
"Master, I'm sorry, Gabriel only bought two, and both are pregnant women," I explained, to which Frissenri squinted. Yes, I do notice Emma the first time I looked at her, she's pregnant, "They are all fifteen in age as you ordered, but Gabriel brought me these kinds instead of what you require." I continued my report, this is not my fault; this is Gabriel's.
"Gabriel!" Frissenri winced, "I told you, for many times now," he pointed his finger to him, "that I don't want pregnant women's blood. It's all too sweet and nourished. I need a virgin's blood, pure and different!"
Gabriel can only hang his head low and clarified, "Master, virgins are difficult to find these days, and I have no option left so I took these girls."
Frissenri then turned to me, "And you, Ira Nuhrenett, being a poltergeist with your abilities, you could have seen these and made adjustments. The day is long, and you only got one, and another pregnant which you chained here!" he scolded, his voice is very cold. "You know this is the night of the new moon, so I cannot hunt, as much as the rest of the vampires. I have to rely on you."
Him calling me by my full name and a poltergeist proves his anger and frustration, and yes, I am one-a poltergeist. I am a spirit bound to serve for him and also for his coven. The vase which flew and hit Emma a while ago was my doing, a form of my power called telekinesis. I can also create illusions; leading human minds to perceive me as a lady or any other human, on this case, an old lady as what Emma have thought and seen me.
"I'm sorry, master." That was all what I can say, Frissenri won't tolerate mistakes and failures, none of the coven of vampires ever do-there was one though, to have a little extended range of patience. He is Drigianne Lucerri, Frissenri's brother, to which I felt his presence just now. He might be coming here soon. Yet, it goes without saying not to wear their patience off if it can ever be possible.
"Very well, I'll start tasting the other pregnant woman. Their names?" Drigianne asked, he seems to have his composure regained a little, but I know him more, this is where he turns to be hungrier every minute. I looked into his eyes; it is now a pale yellow, with his pupils vividly seen.
"The newly caught is Emma Gilberts, and that pregnant woman lying on the floor is Donna Reese." I answered.
"Emma is about five months old pregnant, and Donna is six." Gabriel followed up, Frissenri nodded as he heard him.
Frissenri flipped his long, black hair out of his vision's way. After he stripped the white cloth covering, he felt the tummy of his first victim; buried his claws on it to which the victim grimaced, and tasted the blood. He screeched with much displease on the taste as I predicted.
"Hand me the hammer." Frissenri wiped his lips, then kept his stare on his victim as he stretched his hand out and anticipating for what he asked. "Donna, you do believe in vampires, right?" he asked, smiling at her.
"Y-Yes…but he doesn't look like you-I believe in my handsome vampire, the one that will kiss me and…take me off my feet…" Donna quivered as she replied; she was either too scared or too traumatized to speak as clear as she was able to.
He wickedly laughed on her answer, to which I could laugh at it, too. "Donna, vampires are always like me," Frissenri shook his head in mockery and continued, "Your whimsical imaginations for a human think that we are all gorgeous. Well-we are, in a vampire's sense of course if I may say so, we are and we will always be as elegant as we please. But we are not humans, and our definition of being elegant isn't for humans, you see." He raised his brows with a smirk, and didn't wait patiently enough, right after he grasped the handle which I handed over to him, he brought the hammer down to Donna's tummy.
Donna shrieked from the forceful pain to which just by watching, needless to say, the pain is shattering. Frissenri repeatedly hammered her tummy, pounding the steel as squished to crunched sounds; and deformed, protruding marks are observed to which her abdomen turned asymmetrical or loop-sided by curve.
Blood gushed out of her birth canal, Frissenri, merciless as he is; once again strike the hammer to fall with quite a force of a blow. "No prayer for the small infant." He remarked as squishing sounds are heard and are even more subjective to the screams and pains of Donna. Patiently like a lion waiting for his lamb, Frissenri waited for the blood to run dry on Donna's birth canal. Palpating her tummy, he took a deep breath and buried his hands deep-mere seconds later, he took the placenta out.
Donna, being at this state, she was as far as I can tell, almost dead. Yet, I still hear her heart beating. "This, Donna, is the main reason why I don't like tasting pregnant women; placentas carry different forms of fetal blood much to my distaste. Well, now that the supply is gone, and your baby bleeds well, let's taste your blood, shall we?" Frissenri gallantly stated. Opening his lips with his tongue midway sticking out as if he was about to kiss, he had just revealed his fangs as white as pearls, his pale yellow eyes fixed on Donna's swollen eyeballs, not minding if she hears him or not. He brought himself close to her, knelt low with his right hand on her waist and his left hand in her smooth neck. Then, the moment Frissenri craved, he buried his fangs into Donna's neck.
Quakes and jolts erupted on Donna Reese's body. With fangs pierced and drawing her blood sealed on his lips, Frissenri tasted Donna's blood with much precision and elegance with cleanliness and mastery as a vampire, with only a trail or two of her blood running sexy on her neck.
Frissenri's passion was cut short as a voice squealed, not with delight-but with fright; and that voice of shrilled fright belonged to Emma as she returned to her consciousness. Upon her first gaze of the surroundings lays a bitter murder between the prey and the predator just mere feet adjacent to her right side. The blood that Frissenri kept drawing from Donna's neck to his lips was spilled as he hissed and growled towards Emma.
Gabriel quickly embraced, or should I say, captured Emma who was still unaware of her predicament between her and Gabriel, as much as to the whole situation. "Hush, Emma…it's alright, don't worry…" He consoled.
"Gabriel! What is that? What is this?" Emma panicked, looking at my master Frissenri and his prey was a statement Emma just blurted out of her surprise.
"I know, I know Emma," Gabriel stated as he gripped both of Emma's arms, "I lied to you when I said vampires don't exist…it's just that people who will witness their existences are not allowed to live."
"That is a vampire?!" Emma shouted, funny. She didn't get the detail about witnesses not being allowed to live, "No, you're lying! He looks very horrible and weird and-vampires are not like that! Vampires are very gentle!"
"No, girl…" A voice crawled coming out from the door and entering into the cellar, "Take a look and behold, the true form of vampires." The cold voice stated, very cold and yet, very pleasant. Drigianne Lucerri, yes, he finally appeared dressed in a exquisite black coat. He's Frissenri's younger brother, he looks to be in middle 20's, still with long black hair, pale skin, dull-red lips, and icy-blue eyes. Compared to his brother, Drigianne has smooth facial features and doesn't have a beard, and he is more charming based on my opinion.
"No, you're wrong! Vampires are very beautiful beings, they are very tame and they are lovely!" Emma, as always, kept on justifying her false claims.
"We are vampires, girl. You're a human, just a human with false, heretic claims with not having a slightest idea about what vampires truly are." Drigianne spoke as Frissenri went back to his feast on Donna. "Ira, what's this girl's name?"
"Emma Gilberts." I answered, "She belongs to those same labels of humans, Master Drigianne, the same kind of heretic humans who talks with endless erroneous statements about your superior kind."
"Ahh, yes; twilight? Emma?" Drigianne questioned.
"Yes! You read that book?! That is over fantastically awesome! You should try being-"
Drigianne cut her speech, "No, no, I will never dream of it, Emma." His tone has taken an offensive mark while he shook his head negatively, "Vampires are never what you humans ever dream. Don't take us to be fools; mind it always in your meaty and empty brain that we vampires are always greater to you, humans. And you humans are inferior and just food to us."
"You better watch what you're saying, mister!" Emma warned, she must be very dumb not to know where she stands.
"Yes, I am watching what I'm saying better than I ever hoped for." Drigianne replied. "Ira, chain her, we'll give her a full view of what vampires truly are."
As Drigianne ordered, I immediately took the chains from the metal poles located at each point of the butcher table, Gabriel firmly held to Emma, "What are you doing, Gabriel?!" She hopelessly asked as I clasped the chains to her wrists and ankles using telekinesis.
"You won't get away from this! Gabriel!" Emma snarled and tried loosing herself with the chains. Mind I say these chains are used on anchors, even a ship can be held placed on the harbor with them. That is how hopeless Emma's chained situation is now, and vampires never harbored any form of mercy on their hearts…neither do I.
"Emma, I'll get away from this as always, I've been getting away for 125 years now. I have 125 years of practice." Gabriel grinned, he died 125 years ago. "Now, look and see for yourself at what the vampires really are as you adore them." He added as he held Emma's head, forcing her to look at her right to witness Frissenri's last sip of blood from Donna.
Emma's eyes gawked with much fear, well, this is new to her and it contradicted her belief of 'beautiful' vampires. Donna is mostly unrecognizable now; her skin has turned maroon and appeared bruised, her eyes swollen, her mouth agape and stiff, her whole face was pushed beneath and lower, her limbs turned stiff as well. Worst feature to be observed on Donna is her abdomen, you can see the deformed baby's back on her right side of the tummy…the puny creature inside her womb, shattered into bits. And her like a mannequin, she lay silent on the floor, dead.
"That, is what will happen to humans after being bitten by vampires." Drigianne mocked, and laughed afterwards. Frissenri joined with his laughter after licking his lips and fingers stained with blood.
"Drigianne, what are you doing here, shouldn't you be on Paris? These are all my catch, as Ira and Gabriel had caught." Frissenri started, "Too bad, no? For if there only is a moon tonight different than a new moon, then we shall catch ourselves with more women to feast for."
"Yes, tonight is a new moon, the only phase of the moon in which our vampiric instincts are weak. For that we need more of Ira and Gabriel helping us catch some few fishes. You listening, Emma?" Drigianne glimpsed to her, "Well, it doesn't matter if you listen or not."
"The blood tasted horrible." Frissenri announced, "I need virgin's blood. Does Paris sound nice tonight?"
"It's past midnight out there." Drigianne informed, "But I say you can always drop in for a bite."
"Then I shall have my leave now, I'll take my chances rather than tasting another blood of a pregnant, dirty human." Frissenri acknowledged, "Ira, Gabriel, dispose Emma, you know what to do." he winked at me, and disappeared.
"W-what just-" Emma blurted out, very bewildered upon witnessing Frissenri suddenly vanished.
"He split." Drigianne informed. "He's in Paris by now."
"What-that's impossible-Paris is very far away!" Emma took it hard to believe. "Vampires don't do magic tricks!"
"On the contrary, your belief is magic itself. There are no vampires that sparkle in broad daylight. That is the magic of vampire fallacy." Drigianne pointed out. Yes, Emma doesn't know vampires can appear and reappear at will on any places they please and want, or need to be.
And soon, we began Emma's disposal as horrendous and horrifying as it can be, in which it would be accounted and made by…me.
(END for part one, the continuation 'The True Vampires: in Diabolic' is very disturbing, and may or will not be appropriate for reading. Thus, I leave the readers to decide if they shall continue to read the second part, or not.)
Fallacy: Vampires are always strong in crescent moon phases and that includes the time of the new moon. However, in this story, the time of the new moon weakens them is a notion coming from the word 'new moon' itself. But the clarification still goes that vampires' powers are enhanced during the crescent form of moons. Full moons do not, since this type of moon phase enhances the werewolves.
The True Vampires: Dans Les Mains (part One)
The True Vampires: in Diabolic (part Two)

Frissenri Lucerri (original pic: Shagrath, vocalist of Dimmu Borgir)

Ira Nuhrenett


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