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Tags: Zoo, Part, Three

After George find Ryan traveling through a sewage system, everything is revealed, like why George is what he is...

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Zoo {Part Three}
Ryan swung around and thrudt the torch forward, burning the creature's skin. It didn't flinch.
"I applaud you for the attempt. But alas, there's no use," he laughed.
Ryan stuck his hand in is pocket. He sweatily gripped the handgun. He ripped it out.
The creature's grin tightened. In a spilt second, it relaxes. Was that worry? Ryan thought. He put his finger slowly on the trigger.
"Perhaps you should allow me to explain before you kill me," he persuaded. "I was a man, just like you. My son and I were at the zoo. As we were leaving, a man named George approached me the exact same way I did you. I agreed to the deal, and an hour later, I was running for my life in this maze. Of course, I lasted at least five times longer then you did. Your performance was pathetic.
"Anyway, he found me eventually. He didn't eat me though. He sunk his fangs into me, savoring the little part as much as he could. Then he just shriveled up and died. Dust. I was left down here to die. As I sat down here, the curse took place. I slowly went mad, talking to myself and thinking there was someone behind everytime I turned around. Stuff like that. I eventually fully turned into this beast. I trudged along the maze and eventually landed back at the start.
Ryan didn't move. He just stared at the creature. Feel no sympathy, you gotta get outta here. Ryan pulled the trigger.
George caught it between his index finger and thumb with ease. He smacked the gun out of Ryan's hand.
He grabbed Ryan by the hood of hissweatshirt. "Just one bite."
The creature grabbed Ryan's arm and bit down. Ryan howled in pain. He sturggled, but it only made it worse. It finally let go.
"Ahhhh, perfect," he said as he crumbled into red sand. "Good luck. By the way, it takes a while to find a victim. I've been here since nineteen thirty-four. . . " the creature finally died.
Ryan threw off his hoodie and wrapped it tightly around the bloody, gaping wound. He was lightheaded. He layed on the ground and waited. Waited to die. Maybe waiting for a savior. But deep down, he knew that he was a goner.
Roger walked his daughter away from the zebras. The zoo was Roger's favorite place as it was his daughter's, Tianna. Today was her birthday, but Roger's wife had died of cancer and she was an only child.
Tianna clutched the balloon he had boughten her. "What's next, Daddy?" she asked hopefully.
Roger looked at his daughter's grin. "It's almost nightime, Tianna. We have to go home."
As they walked to the car, he heard someone call to him. "Psst."
Roger swiveled his head. In a dark, shadowy corner, a man emerged in a black fedora. He wore dark, black glasses and a long, black trenchcoat.
"So you like the zoo, huh? I got just the thing." He thrust out his hand. "I'm George."


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