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Thoughts on a favorite female body part...

Submitted:Jul 20, 2012    Reads: 36    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

The Ass

No, it's not an autobiography. More "A Celebration Of…"

Most men have, at some point or another, chosen a particular female (or male, I guess) body part as their favorite.

There are the selfish pigs who say they love it all, but I think that's more reflective of their lack of discernment.

Let me state up front, I clearly am an ass man, but that is not to discount breasts, legs, flat tummies, toned arms, sexy ankles encircled with a tiny, delicate little gold chain; thick, luxurious hair, sexy lips, and dark expressive eyes.

And let's not forget the hands, the forgotten appendage. Nice hands signal to men, an inclination toward fastidiousness in the hygiene department, and even a hint of aristocracy, refinement and class.

I've never analyzed my ass obsession beyond the fact I like both the speculation of excellence as a woman walks toward me, and then the quick peak for confirmation, or chagrin as she passes. I notice, lust after, and appreciate all the other parts as well, of course. I simply chose at some point to pick a favorite. And I don't remember or care what that decision making process entailed. It is what it is.

Objectification? Not really. Not by my definition.

Sexual lust is a wonderful thing, but it does not sway me when it becomes 'character assessment time'. One you sit on, the other you live on.

Was I always able to (lift and?) separate lust from intellectuality?

No. My two wives were chosen as much for their physical beauty (and booty) as for their ability or willingness to interest me in matters more cerebral.

My bad. My choice, my failure. They have both moved on to other marriages and are happy, to the best of my knowledge. This pleases me.

That version of me does not please me. Those two decisions were easily two of the most compelling, important, substantive decisions I've had to make in my life. And I struck out. Both times. I don't think I'll be saying, "Put me in coach", ever again.

So back to the ass.

I genuinely enjoy the fact that an ass that is, shall we say, larger than is universally desired, is now more acceptable than ever. J-Lo, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian. The only people who don't lust after their asses are female. They have redefined "big is beautiful".

And the fact that these women are proud of their oversized booty is in no small part why I am attracted to them. What may be on paper a flaw, they have made their 'moneymaker'. They strut their stuff, and in today's culture, say what you will, but that takes a LOT of confidence, knowing there are likely cameras everywhere, and waiting for them to fall, literally or figuratively.

With the right amount of confidence, almost any woman can make almost any ass, look hot.


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