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Pet Peeves- We All Have Them

Article By: City Of Evil

I want you to tell me if any of these strike your match like they do mine, who knows, maybe i just have a shorter fuse for the most funny random little things. I label this humorous, cause i find me getting upset over these things are pretty damn funny =)

Submitted:Jun 23, 2010    Reads: 201    Comments: 17    Likes: 3   

*************First off i would like to ask that if you have a pet peeve or agree with any of mine I would love to hear it! I don't think i need to threaten those who want to harass cause i think it would be hard to harass this subject :) Changing fonts and all that don't work on this computer so i ask that you be patient till i can fix it on a different one, nor will it let me do proper spacing so i cant skip lines or even start a new line, its all one big blur for now, enjoy lol********************* *When someone leaves the door open a crack (Drives me nuts). *when someone self advertises on your work. (do it on the booksie page) *when people pronounce Hiroshima her-oh-shim-ah (ive heard it TWICE) . *When unable to properly format something on booksie. (it makes me look down right lazy). *when dogs seem to follow you only to lick their private areas LOUDLY right next to you. *when you give someone outside a store money for whatever reason they ask for it and they say god bless (I feel bad cause i will not say it back). *when people talk with their mouth so full that food falls right back out. (It really makes me gag). *when your girlfriend uses the fact that she's blind as an excuse to not have to hang out with your parents(i know they're bad but come on. *words like thanksies and hugsies and grapies. (they aren't real words lol!) *when people tell you not to curse when children are present (likeliness is they're probably going to do it the second your away anyways) *when your parents have sex in the middle of the day when all their kids are home and the doors broken so you walk i on them (shudders) *when people think cause your a guy you cant have long hair. (believe me you can) *being called hippy, girly, or Tarzan (dont do it lol) *when people make an account for the hell of it but never comes back to it (it just wastes space) *Chihuahuas (yes, those being called dogs is a pet peeve) *the spelling of the word chihuahuas. (ITS FUCKING COMPLICATED) *when someone else puts THEIR hands in MY food,(its only ok if my girlfriend does it) ****(COVER THE CHILDREN'S EYES FOR A MOMENT)********** * the women's private area being called a mound and also the word lips for that (eww, horrible words like that kinda kill the mood) ***(UNCOVER)** * when people ask random questions that have nothing to do with anything ever! *when you get a cd and your so excited to learn the songs lyrics... and they dont have them. (gets me every time) * when your almost done tuning your guitar and the E-string breaks. (it hurt if it hits) *Twilight cosplayers (i just... i dont see the appeal in anything twilight). *People who look through your work and leave a comment without reading it (i know how to tell and ive seen it happen countless amount of times, If i leave a comment, no matter how quick it seems, its true, wither read and comment or read and dont comment, hell why not not read and not comment, but dont not read and comment) *People who think theyre the shit, give me five minutes ill find ten things wrong with you.") *^*^*^*^*^ Special thanks to LdSince for the following add ons :)*^*^*^*^*.. a pet peeve of mine is when people label you. People aren't canned goods! Just because a person will wear black-this happens frequently at the school I go to-they are called 'goth' or 'emo'. Seriously? Grow up. Then when you are part homosexual or bisexual, people freak. Especially if they are of the same gender...it doesn't mean we are going to hit on you. This happened just now...when you are doing something and someone-be it close or not-expects you to stop what you're doing and do what they want. My youngest brother wants me to defeat this one enemy in the game he is playing...I only beat the game ONCE. And he cries too much. About anything. And he is such a little liar... *^*^*^*^*^* If you would like to find her she is at www.booksie.com/ldslnce


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