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i couldn't choose so i picked both jokes and a story (bonus inside for you)

Article By: emo mexican needs love too

the jokes are first =) and i will write a little about my life.

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why did Garfield sleep in the fireplace? he wanted to sleep like a log

where do you leave your dogs when you go shopping? in the barking lot

why did the turkey cross the road? because the chicken was on vacation

how do farmers count there cows? with the cowocutlar <------ strangly this was how you spelled it on the show i watched

what do you call a cow with no milk? a milk dud

why did tiger stick his head in the toilet? he was looking for pooh

how do you stop rinos from charging? take away there credit cards

where do kangroos go shopping for there christmas presents? in the hopping mall

why was the cheetah afraid to take a shower? he didn't want to come out spotless

what is a mummy's favorite type of music? wrap

why did people build fences around the graveyard? because people are dying to get in

why did the fish stop smoking? she didn't want to get hooked

me: i was sitting at my desk waiting for first hour to start i was laying my head down knowing if i would try to talk i would must likly be a goner...... Chase: hey boys lookie who we have here *hits me acrossed the face* another emo! Sam: leave him alone Chase! Chase: i don't listen to emo's.... Chad: well your going to listen to us now! Chase: you think i am scared of you? your sadly mistaken and plus i got more back up than you..... Molly: doesn't look like it Chase your all alone leave before we show you it's mean to bully people! me: i watched knowing these people right here would become my best friends sadly i am going to be dealing with the tutor after school.... Tutor: i am going to make you speak anglish better than anyone alive do i make myself clear? me: i stood there not saying a word till a metal ruler hit the side of my face makingme bleed. Tutor: talk now Cade! me: .......... Tutor: *hits me on the arm* say your first name in english! me: Cade.... Tutor: that's it remember this i am not leaving you till you speak perfect english! me: all i could do was nod.

things are going alot better now sence i speak perfect english don't have to worry about getting hit with metal rulers it took a year and a half to get rid of the tutor but sadly i am still homeschooled i am thinking about writing lot's more make sure you leave me comments once you finish reading......


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