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small section of Frog Boy!

Article By: Hey

Mike wornhouse Becomes the protector and hero of his home town Bensworth by choice and Calls himself Frog Boy!

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Mike Wornhouse is 14 years of age; he has two best friends (Danny P. Jones and Samantha Weston) and lives in Bensworth. He occasionally likes to write about his crazy messed up super heroes and love's Frogs (there's a connection there but we'll get to that later). Today he was doing a class assignment at Bensworth high, all about his story: "amazing lad!!!"

First his Mom pulls up to the school and drops him off. Then his Mother rolls down the window and say's -"Good luck sweetie!" then she blows him a kiss, and he blushes a little- "Moooooom!" He then turns and heads up the steps and through the doors, down the halls and to his locker. Then opens it up, takes out his books from his bag and places them inside his locker... Then the local bullies walk by bumping into him making him smash flat against his locker and slam its door shut, this then causes his books that were still in his bag to fall all over the place! And then Mike falls to the ground as the bullies laugh at him. Anger now growing mildly inside of him he says as calm as he can-"That wasn't funny Phillip!" The smarter bully that commanded the other froze for a second-"My name is Calamity! And you better remember that Mucus!!!"

Mike slowly stands up-"My name is mike!" Phillip scowls-"Hey the second you remember my name, I'll remember yours!" They knock him back to the ground and walk away laughing.

Mike-"and that's the last time Amazing lad was ever seen." The class stares at him for a while in boredom not knowing what to do. The teacher: Mrs. Vendetta stands up-"That was an Uhh a wonderful story wasn't it class?"

Phillip-"Well I guess it was better than paper bag boy!" The class bursts out with laughter and Kids making faces, all except for Samantha and Plug (plug's real name: Danny P. Jones) Mike's best friends. Mrs. Vendetta -"Quiet!! Quiet all of you! Or you'll all get detention!" The bell rings and the students stand and start to leave the room. -"And I expect a back up report from Stue &Louie Frankmonge by next Tuesday! I mean it!" Mike walks off to his locker and when he gets there he does nothing but bang his head on it for a whole minute straight, then Samantha walked up-"You know it's easier to open it with your hands!" Mike turns toward her-"Yeah I guess it is..." Samantha-"well any way's, I thought your story was great." Then almost sarcastically speaking Mike say's-"yeah thanks Sammy." Samantha-"Mike! You know I hate it when you call me that! My name is Samantha!!" Mike-"Yhea sorry, hey I gotta' go all right? It's Friday, movie night over at plugs house and were watching night of the killer bunnies! And I really hope the movie is way better than the title."

Samantha-"All right. But who's Plug?" Mike-"It's Danny Jones; I gave that nickname to him in the 5th grade. He fixed my Dad's car with two plugs, any way I'm really excited to see this movie with him so bye." He walks off...

Samantha-"Yeah bye."


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