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Small section of Frog Boy's Origin DestroyX

By: Hey

Page 1, This is a small part of My book from please go and download then spreed the word of Frog Boy. Make it Viral!

            Frog Boy-“I mean what do you guys kill any way?” The thug-“What are you supposed to be?” Frog Boy-“Do you not see my uniform!? I’m Frog boy, genius!” The thug gets very angry –“Aww cute! The little frog came to take care of big bad us!” Frog Boy-“Hey that’s not funny!” The thugs drop their guns and start laughing like crazy. For a moment Frog boy pictures the head of the gang to look like Phillip.

Frog Boy-“all right this little frog has had it! You’re going down!” Plug sarcastically-“Nice one very original!” Then Frog boy makes his move, And boy is it a big one, he starts smashing into guys throwing people against the walls and doing all sorts of flips he didn’t even know he could do! (One of the thugs ran out the back door right about here, seeking safety)Pretty soon one of the thugs picks up his weapon and starts blaring it at Frog boy. He jumps behind a Crate to dodge the bullets. Frog boy-“I need to get higher so that I’m not seen.” Plug-“why don’t you try Tree frog... It’s the one marked T.” Frog Boy-“Right…Cool!” Frog boy lifts up his arm and presses T. on the panel, then in an instant his fingers sprout sticky nubs and on his toes too.  More gun fire in his direction-“Come on out where I can see you Frog!” Frog Boy-“That’s my cue!” Frog boy Grabs a frog bomb from his belt and throws it at the thug to distract him-“Whats that!” It lands behind him and explodes lightly with barely a boom but still enough to make the thug stare at it. During this Frog boy jumps on the wall, sticks and climbs up to the ceiling effortlessly.

Thug-“Where are you frog!?” Frog boy jumps down from above and almost by instinct in slow motion spits out his tongue grabbing the gun yanking it away from the thug.

He then chucks it away, pulls in his tongue and then spin kicks the thug to the ground. Frog Boy-“I call that Frog Rush! Wooo!” The thug struggles a little then sits up on his knees... police sirens now blasting in the background, the thug-“How did... you do that?!” Frog boy-“I think it has something to do with instinct or something...” The Thug falls back a little, Frog boy punches him hard, making him fly and hit the wall behind. The cops call out-“We have the building surrounded! Come out with your hands behind your backs!”

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