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Australia's politicians

Article By: HiKitty

I think that a fair majority of you are american. You have a president, and the politicians are worldwide famous. Well, I am about to tell you about our world, where we are ruled by the queen, even though the majority of us dislike poms and we have a prime minister. This is Australia

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What do you think of when somebody mentions Australia? Do you think of the Kangaroo, the animal on our coat of arms? Well I'm sorry if you do because, this animal is not only on our coat of arms, but it is a very popular meat to cook on a barbie. Ok, then, do you think of Bindi Irwin, or Cody Simpson, these apparently 'Australian' celebrities? Well, again, I am also deeply sorry if you do because both of these people are only truly famous in America. They might live, or have lived in oz, but they use the fact that they are 'australian' to get attention.

And so, what do you think of now? are you out of ideas, in that tiny little noggin of yours? If you aren't, then you can talk to me about your ideas of australia, in the comments below, while I eat my beloved vegemite sandwhich. However If you are out of ideas, then YES! this is why I want to talk to you about something that you may of never have heard about in those funny little countries up above. I am about to talk to you, about the land of politics.

As you may or may not know, we currently have a Prime Minister in charge of our country called Julia Gillard. She is our first girl in charge, is an Athiest and is what's called a Ranger. (Someone with red hair. Also called bluey for reasons I do not know) and has found pleasure in making the opposition look like an idiot, rather than just doing her job.

Then there is this fellow named Tony Abbot. He likes to read books at schools for the public to like him, and also likes to show off his budgie smugglers, for the public to like him not-so-much. He is the opposition, and it is his job to look very awkward when the Julia accuses him of facts that have absolutely no affect on Australian government.

Then there is us, the Australian voters. We don't listen to whats really going on. All we do is look out for all the embarrassing things these people do on television, like pick their nose or ear on public TV. The information we care about is that our 1 of politicians is also in a band, and that our leader is not married. All the girls vote for Julia, plainly because she is a girl herself, & all the people against Julia, will vote for Tony. The people that want to be individual, will vote for Bob Brown, the leader of the hippie party.

Now, as you may or may not know, Julia has convinced nearly the majority of Australia, that Tony is a 'sexist' and a 'mysogynist' (mysogny-hatred of women) While she was raving on and on, in her turtle-like suit and her thick aussie accent, Tony was doing a very good job at looking awkward, while Julia was doing a very good job job at making him look like an idiot. This video got over a million views on youtube-and Julia got lots more popularity.

And now, that you know just what the Australian politics are about. Are you asking yourself, is there any real purpose to this nonsense? Is there any thing going on that could actually be newsworthy? And the answer I'm telling you, is no.

There is no point, to the politics here, because nothing goes on in the land down under. The only good aspects of the Australian Politics of today are, how they have managed to increase the popularity of the word ranger. And how they how they have creeped me out personally, by sounding like school teachers way too much. But overall, politics here are extremely dumb, and meanigless, just like this article here. It has absolutely no point.

Welcome to Australia, Mate!


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