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Imagine Being A....

Article By: Khano

Imagine being....

Submitted:May 8, 2010    Reads: 135    Comments: 15    Likes: 5   

Imagine Being A….

Imagine being a cat. You could kill birds and play with their colorful feathers. You could be pampered and cooed over. You could pee on your neighbors wall if you don't like his cat. You could make another gorgeous cat fall head-over-heels in love with you. You could drop your fur everywhere. You could steal mommy's meat and chicken. You could scratch whoever you don't like.

Imagine being a cow. You could chew grass your entire life. You could get milked. And er….okay that's basically it.

Imagine being a lion. You could hunt all day. Act crafty and sly. Chase the bucks till they're dead. You could have stunning girls as mates, with their huge beautiful eyes and furry coats, and their massively huge claws that could pull your eyeballs out if you have a little spatz over who's looking after the kids for the day.

Imagine being an elephant. The huge, marvellous elephant. You could tramp on your enemies. You could leave a trail of cowpats if you think you might lose your way. You could have waterfalls of pee fights with your mate.

Imagine being dog. You walk around with your tongue sticking out at everyone and no one will get offended. You can lick people till they're wet. You can get lots of food. You can go for walks. You can signal the ticks to jump on the baddies. You can bark at the kids and old woman if you hate them.

Imagine being a shark. You can bully all the fish. You can terrify the people. You can boast your sharp, colgate-worth teeth. You can swim for the rest of your life because if you relax and stay still, you die. Well it's exercise!

Imagine being a human. Odd looking creatures with handbags or cellphones. Your aim in life would be to destroy the planet because you would want to die. You could take people you don't like to court. You could talk a language that is so vast, you would have to look in books to know what other people are saying. You would worry so much about how you look, that you would stare at your face all day long and put weird concoctions on your face. You could eat till you become a balloon. You could do so much, even work in a toilet [a room which they offload their stuff] if you like. You could sit on a soft bed-looking thing and stare at a screen with pictures till you go blind.

There are many things we COULD have been. But thank God we are none of these. We have really a lot to be grateful for… J


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