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The Giant Rubber Ducky

By: MysteryMistress

Page 1, Funny story about golden days!

So, I live in Fairbanks, Alaska and we have a parade for something we call Golden Day! We even have a fun street fair and Golden Day's Parade! They have this very large rubber Ducky that they drag down the street and it's actually pretty cool! Anyway, I went to the parade with my friend and we had a blast! There was really good street food, fun games, big prizes, and cool rides. While we were there watching the parade floats go by, waiting for the very large ducky, my went off to get some food! So I was waiting on the side of the street, when the duck started coming around the corner. Everyone was yelling, laughing, and throwing candy! The duck was coming up when all of a sudden there was air leaking out of it! Everyone started booing!!! Then the duck started falling over, and it was coming straight for me! Everyone else was moving out of the way! Except for.... ME!!! the duck fell on top of me, but everyone else was going into hysterics, but I couldn't see so I tried to walk but ended up smacking everyone around me! Eventually, I got out and apologised but it turns out I saved the parade!!! Then my friend came back and said," Wow! This is what I get for leaving to get food?!?!" And everyone else was laughing there heads off so it wasn't the most embarrassing thing!!! A that is my story!!! I HOPE YOU LIKED IT!!!

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