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Math Test Answers

By: Sambelini

Page 1, If I could go back in time, I would like to write these on one of my math tests.

1) FindX


Found it! It's right after the 48

2) If Johannannnana passed the gas station at 2:30pm and passed the post office, 25 km away, at 2:35, how fast was she going?

Wouldn't it be great if someone invented something to tell you how fast you were going?Hey! They could build it right into the car! And it could be called a SPEDOMETER!

3) Lenny was standing near a 20 foot tree and the angle of elevation from his feet to the top of the tree was 73 degrees. How far was he standing from the tree?

If Lenny was clever enough to bring a compass to find the angle of elevation, and also to find the height of the tree, he really should be able to figure this out on his own. In fact, he probably has a tape measure in his pocket. If he doesn't, that's his problem.

4) You are standing beside a 20 foot high cliff, which you intend to climb. The height you can throw your grappling hook can be represented in the function h=-16r^2-32t+5. Can you reach the cliff?

Icould probably measure my rope with whatever Iused to measure the exact height of the cliff, but I think Ishould just try my best and hope Idon't miss. Igenerally don't bring paper with me when Igo rock climbing anyways, so I certainly won't be doing any algebra out there.

5) There are 20 marbles in a bag, 7 are green, 2 are red, 5 are yellow, and 6 are blue. If you reach into the bag and pull out 1 marble, what is the probability of it being blue?

Well, Ireally can't tell you that. Firstly, I don't know where this bag of marbles is, so it's not very probable that I'll be able to find it. So, if Ican't find it, then I'll probably not be able to pull one marble out. And, supposing Idid find out where it was, I probably can't go there at the moment because I'm busy doing a math test. But, if I could go there and I did find the bag, I probably wouldn't pull out a marble because that would probably involve sticking my hand into a mysterious bag simply because you told me to. Iprobably don't trust you as much as Ishould, because Iwould probably be very suspicious. In fact, I trust you so little that I bet there probably aren't even any marbles in this bag of which you speak. There probably isn't even really a bag. But, let's say Idid reach into the bag, which we shall assume is real and has marbles of the specified colours in it, there is a slight probability that a brick could fall on my head at that very moment, before Ihad successfully removed one marble from the bag, and therefore the entire mission could be a complete failure. In light of this fact, Ibelieve it is all the more improbable that I would even go so far as to search for this bag. According to these calculations, the probability of me pulling a blue marble frog the bag is 1:29871098712409872340198725209820102 against, assuming nobody has stolen the marbles, changed the marbles, hidden a crab in the bag, or otherwise hampered with the experiment. Then, there is also the possibility that you are entirely colour blind and there aren't actually any blue marbles in the bag because you mistook the orange ones for blue.

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