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Do We Doodle Toodle Much

By: Stormbird Throneshaker

Page 1, Humorus article written 02/20/2012

Yoodle should all listen to me sometimes,

because it's roodle if yoodle don't.

I mean yoodle coodle if yoodle wanted toodle,

but no, yoodle all doodle toodle much.

It makes me wonder if yoodle are all there in the noodle.

Just what kind of moodle are yoodle in anyway?

Woodle yoodle be willing to answer me that?

Maybe yoodle just want to ooodle over that new poodle yoodle got, huh?

Loodle do yoodle know that I coodle not even said a word to yoodle at all.

I foodled around with the idea in my noodle for quite some time.

But I thought that I woodle be goodle and let yoodle all know,

that I doodle toodle much also.

So, in ending, yoodle are all allowed to doodle as much as yoodle want toodle.

Toodle-loo now.

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