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Stu Pidity's, Believe It, I Don't

By: Stormbird Throneshaker

Page 1, A Ray Of Sunshine funny written 02/12/2013

How sum enventchuns (some inventions) got their names, thanks to three dudes named Ray.

The Radiator:

Named on a cannibalistic island by a man running out of the jungle yelling “Ray, dey ate her, Ray, dey ate her!” as they just finished the water cooler tank for the automobile and were wondering what to name it, while running for their lives.

The Radio:

Named when the unnamed brother of the inventor came running down the stairs yelling. “Ray, (again) de o' man died!” as the inventor, not Ray, finished the sound box and was wondering what to name it. (Probably in memory of the old man, or it just sounded good at the time.)

The Radar:

Named when a man was looking down at the thing and said “Ray, (he gets around) dar ain't nuttin' on dis' dang thang,'ceptin' these blips gettin' closer to the center!

I have no idea as to how these three inventions really got their names, but who knows?

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