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Book By: applechicken0

wish there was a madlib feature =(

Submitted:Aug 30, 2011    Reads: 9    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

Pt 1

The Project

One day at Pitchfork Doggie Middle School in Timmy Turner's classroom Timmy anounced"Everyone you shall be assig-""banan-"said someone in the class. "Shut up" Megaman (nickname for Timmy) screamed in a supa stern voice . Timmy started again" As I was saying you all "BANANAS" shall be assigned a 999 page easay about anything you all want with a partner. I shall pick the partner RIGHT NOW Poodle with Dogbreath, Godzilla and Grasshoper...and the last one Bob and Tim (NOT Timmy). THE END YOU GET WHAT YOU GET AND YOU DON"T GET UPSET. LEAVE THE FACE OF THIS CLASSROOM RGHT NOW."

As Bob walked out of the classroom and out of the tourture chamber (Timmy's classroom) Tim ran out to Bob and dicided to do it on ghostly ghost and undead stuff like zombies, skeleton people, etc. I exited the school and hopped onto my bike. Bob Rode to the Omishi Domshi Public Libary that contains only 1 book. It was the ancient and deadly Book of the undead called Nu Si Lo Nu Eh Fei Lou Fat. Bob reached into thhe shelf full of cobwebs and mold and grabed the dusty book. No one was at the borrow book place. He just left with the book. Ring Ring (I know bad inpression of bells) the alarms were ringing. The ground rumbled and stuff. 15 secounds later there were crack on the floor. Bob stood at it in amzement. Holy Smokes! Hands were reaching out of the cracks.

Pt 2

The book

As Tim was geting home he heard lots and lots of cracking and screaming sounds in the west. He dicided to check it out. Tim rode his bike over to the public libary as fast as he could. Soon Tim arrived. Tim glanced inside. Bob was being hold hostage by a group of Skeletal Pirates! They were strangling Bob. Tim rushed over to assist. More skeleton crawled out of the cracks on the ground. Suddenly Bob has a idea."Seal the cracks!"He commanded. Timpicked up a bookshelfe and ripped it into two. Tim Pushed a slab of wood into the little cracks. All a sudden the Skelotal Pirate collaped into a heap. "There finally gone!" sighed Tim. Bob dropped the book Nu Si lo Nu Eh Fei Lou Fat ont the floor. They dicided to head to the "Godzilla's armpit"(nickname for treehouse) for some rest. Bob picked up the Book and put it in his backpack.


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