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Randoms Stories

Book By: CrazyGurl96

Here are random stories which I got the idea from reading a random book. Anyways this is where you viewers come in and give me random words I have to put in the story. I shall give you credit :D

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Okay now that I got that out of my system, let's begin shall we? So earlier today when I wrote this the first time the computer froze up on me and I wasn't able to save this. I felt like taking the screen of the computer, since it was a laptop, smash it with a hammer and throw it at a wall. But I did the mature thing and fixed my teacher's laptop and went on my merry way, thinking that this one will be even better and somewhat entertaining to read. Now let me begin the actual introduction of posting this. Basically, this is viwer interactive, if they so choose. All you have to do is give me random words in which I MUST put in the short story. I shall give you credit. I came up with this idea from a book, which does happen to be on this lovely website, 101 Ways to Stay Insane. I do recommend to read it for a chuckle or two, trust me :D Continueing on because I know I'm boring you all to death and you want me to get on with the point, I shall make an example on how writing these random strories work. Including the example words from, 101 Ways to Stay Insane, and my example story I wrote myself:

  • CAKE
  • TREE
  • MICE
  • YOUR INSANE NAME (you would have to read 101 Ways to Stay Insane to understand)

And now for the story I wrote myself:

Once upon a time, a piece of cake rode a Buffalo Buffalo Bufflao (once again you have to read the book to understand), with some thread. The Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo went up a tree, which was home to some mice playing a puzzle of monkey in the middle. They were going for a world record. Then out of no where The Person You Sit Next to on the Bus screamed, "The Person You Sit Next to on the Bus!" then walked away like a chicken. (one last time, you'll understand once you read the book)

And that's all there is to it. The super short stories aren't suppose to make sense but they are suppose to be random and fun. Also, as you can see that I more than likely have grammatical error. I am sorry for this. If you feel that it's your duty to point any out, knock yourself out if it makes you happy :D I'm more than likely not gonna listen because this is just for fun and amuse people. I may or may not make up a title. That depends on how lazy I am. And now for the actual event of saying stories without and introduction!:

The Artic:

In the Artic, a crazy old penguin named one of his hairy pits, Carlito. The other one, he named wrinkly because it was indeed, wrinkly. Out of no where a kitten named Boomtho, I honestly have no idea why a kitten would be in the Artic or name Boomtho when she's a girl but she's is. Anyways she went up to Carlito, yes one of the hairy pits, and said, "Hey sexy, why don't you sizzle on my cocopuff dude." Why would she say that I will never know. Carltio, yes one of the hairy pits still, went numb and had a heart attack. Fortunately he survived. Yay! The End. (The Person You Sit Next to on the Bus)

The random words came from my friend Kiki (note* I won't use the real names of people I know personally, you guys don't need to know :p), she wanted to get me started.

Now I actually have two more stories I can put. You guys are lucky considering that this might not happen again. We'll see if people actually want to read this and be apart of this happy family.

The doo:

One day a doo went for a walk. Unfortunately for the doo, he was banned from every place he tried to get into. This was because, well he was a piece of crap which left a streak of feces every time it move. Oh! I forgot to mention the doo's name was cray. Ehh I had to use that word somewhere since it's not even a real word -.-. Anyways, it was flaw for the doo to be walking in the first place if you can consider that walking. Nay I say. Nay. The end. (The Person You Sit Next to on the Bus)

Yes it sounds raunchy but a freshman in my math class name Bully Foil thought it would be funny to you words that its hard to make something up by. He's lucky I'm imaginative.

And now for the last story.

This Other Classmate Wasn't Even Trying:

A group of boys named Xch, Zph, Hcx, and Hpz all died one day because of drunk driving. The end. (The Person You Six Next to on the Bus)

Okay if you don't trying giving me words and give me made up ones like the bolded ones up there.... I'm not gonna try ether >xP actually think about the words you choose. These words were from my classmate Bunny and I was very disapointed because he's superr smart. Well I'm all done for now but I will be back! Thank you for reading this if you did! Ta Ta for now


The Person You Sit Next to on the Bus


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