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Epic (The Unofficial Epic Town with Unofficial Epic Group)

Book By: Dreamz

The Unofficial Group starts in Whereshire where 3 guys and 2 girls meet their destinys in well... a current way, seeking love and cheating, as they say, no ones perfect, but everyones epic, (except for them)

Submitted:Jun 23, 2010    Reads: 16    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Nothing says like screwed up crap like Whereshire, Discovered by Where P. Shire. Seriously his middle name is just P, but yet his great great great great great Grandchild was a perfect teen, well, almost, her name was Keorei, daughter of Keo L. Levrash (Father) and Leori T. Levrash (Mother). Keorei's name was a mix of her fathers and mothers name, her name ment "Get the *bleep* out of here or i'll *bleep*in shoot the *bleep* outta you, *bleep*" (not really but she wants to think that) well she's screwed up you can say, but shes callin you an ass if you say that infront of her. Andthen theresChristy, Sassy Blondie Boob of thegroup,alwaystrying to hog the guys,well Keorei is her Unfavorite, shes like emo and dosn't talkmuch, if you even DARE laya finger a inch away fromher withoutasking,your PWNED. And theres J'z his real name is Jason T. Runbon, but he preferz J'z.Hehas a secret crush on Keorei, so does Keorei, but all they do is say Hey, andwalk off, hes a black haired emo dude he keeps his hands in his pockets most of thetime but, get use to it.And theres Chad, pretty much Christy's Super Boyfriend Fav, butpretends to not have interest in her to be cool. andifyou ask him what is his fav person in thegroup,it is Christywithout finishing your question, and last but not least isthe dog,avicous bulldog namedT-Bag, by Keorei. T-Bag likes Keorei the most, always comes to her first for a scratch, now that you know everybody we need to go one with the story. So ONCE APON A TIME (I chose that for the opening 'cause i thought it would be epic) there lived an UNOFFICIAL EPIC GROUP, in WHERESHIRE, Where a never ending party lives. "So what to do-" Christy didn't finish "Shut up all you do is want to strip at the bar and get tips for sex. So shut up and let some one else pick bimbo" Keorei interuppted with T-bag on her lap growling at Christy "What the hell, you get to guess correctly when i could of just snuck off doing it. Plus mostly lesbo's are at the bar at this moment" all eyes laid on Christy, Keorei wished to have a cup of iced water to spit at Christy, but wishes didint help NOW. (And we will continue later.)



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