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The Secret Diary of Amber Crystalstone

Book By: Hamboo243

Amber is in year 6 and soon she's leaving for Avenstoke High. And theres this really cute boy called Robbie she likes. Also, her best friend isn't going to the same school. Can Amber deal with all the problems or will she crack?

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The Secret Diary of Amber Crystalstone
By Louise Williamson
1st July 2008
Oh, how lovely, a shiny new notebook just for me! I finally convinced mum I needed one, even though I have about 10 clean ones. This is the one I wanted! Anyway, let me tell you a bit about myself.
Best Friends:
Bea Knight: We've been best friends since we were 3 and no one can EVER separate us.
Kinnybonbon: My pet rabbit. I've had him for 3 years and tell him everything! I always talk to him; he always seems to understand me and talk. You must think I sound weird, but I am talking logic!
Mum: Always sticking her nose into my private stuff like THIS notebook. But she's nice really.
Bonny: My adopted Gran, that must sound weird too but she helped my mum out when she was having me so now she lives above us. I always run upstairs and escape the hullabaloo with Kinnybonbon.
That's only a bit about me. In 1 month, not including the summer hols, I'm going to Avenstoke High. My local secondary school, I really can't wait for the induction days, me and Bea are going together, of course!
2nd July 2008
One more day till inductions, can't wait!
Luke, the most irritating boy in the WORLD, got told off for talking in art so he had to cover the tables in newspaper in break as a punishment, but, he put all the Sun's page 3 girls on the tables. How disturbing! Told Kinnybonbon and he vomited all over the inside of his hutch, luckily not the outside!
3rd July 2008
I had the whole day off school today! Yippee! There's this really cute boy called Robbie, I fancy him to bits. I've made this really great friend called Laura; she's my second best friend. She fancies Robbie's best mate, Josh so I'll (hopefully) have Robbie and she'll have Josh. Bea, me and Laura trooped round all day, spying on the gorgeous guys. Bea tagged along because she didn't fancy either of them; I think she felt a bit left out.
4th July 2008
OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bea isn't going to Avenstoke High. She's going to this weird posh school called St. Margaret's. I found her lying on her bed howling when I popped round today. Her mum think she'll get a better EDUCATION there, I think she's mad, she can't do this to us; we've known each other nearly all our lives. Rung Laura to tell her, she seemed quite cool but I guess Bea wasn't really friends with her. Bea just tagged along with us.
Went home and told mum, found this weird building man there. I think there's something going on that I don't know about. Even Bonny looks like she's hiding something.
5th June 2008
Found Tool Boy here today as well, there's really something going on. I invited Laura out shopping, Bea didn't want to, she's locked herself in her room and she won't come out even if I want to go in. Well anyway, while me and Laura were in the corner shop, guess who walked in! Robbie and Josh, our hearts skipped a beat. They were really chatty and nice. Robbie's got 2 guinea pigs; I'm going round to see them tomorrow. He invited Laura and Josh too but Laura thought we should have some time on our own to get to KNOW each other, hint, hint. She's decided that Josh shouldn't too so he asked her if she wanted to come round his. We're dead chuffed, I feel sorry for Bea, missing all this great fun! Pop round after Robbie's!
5th July 2008
OMG! That was fabulous! He is so cute. I fancy him to bits. We had a look at his guinea pigs. They're called Twinkle and Jamie. I'm going to ask mum if I can have a guinea pig for my birthday, which is on the 18th. Popped round to Bea's, she's winded down a little. Though she still won't speak to her mum, I feel really bad but I think she's over doing it a bit. I mean, you have to separate at some point and she'll make new friends and I'll make mine. Hang on, what am I saying? I don't want Bea to leave in a million years. But I've got Laura now. me and Robbie are going to the park together with Laura and Josh tomorrow. Gotta run!
6th July 2008
Great day except Luke ruining my beautiful painting of me and Robbie holding hands in art, he covered me and my picture all over with red paint saying "Who's that then? You're boyfriend?" I answered yes and he looked shattered, I think he secretly fancies me! The park was great! Me and Laura laughed for hours at the boys playing footy. Then Robbie and Josh came over to us. We chatted for ages; Josh had had 10 girlfriends in the past! Laura looked awful but then he quickly added, "But I haven't got one at the moment!" Laura cheered up a bit then. Robbie had had 2 girlfriends but one moved to Australia and the other he dumped. Then Robbie looked me in the eye and asked "DO YOU WANT TO GO OUT WITH ME?"
So OMG I'm going to the pictures with Robbie tomorrow, I'm hoping that Josh finds a way to ask Laura out, he defiantly fancies her and Laura's jealous of me being to early. Uh oh, Tool Boy's here, Mum's calling, gotta go!
7th July 2008
OMG! My Mum's got a boyfriend; I found them waiting for me in the lounge when I came downstairs. They were cuddled up on the sofa, TOGETHER!!!! I screamed, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" and ran out the room, crying, then went to Bonny's with Kinnybonbon. Tool Boy's not good enough for her. They're going out on their first date tonight, when I'm out on mine!!! God I so want to kill him! I'm going to wear a pink satin mini top with mini skirt and Mum's pink strappy high heels to my date! Guess where Mum's going on her date, the local chippy. Tool Boy could at least treat her. Seriously, he's not good enough for her.
It was GREAT we went to see a romantic love story and the bit where Kate Winslet and Johnny Depp kiss, he kissed me. Afterwards, he said he loved me with all his heart and would I be his girlfriend? I said YES! I'm officially Robbie's girlfriend, phoned Laura as soon as I got home, she's even more jealous than before, Josh hasn't even phoned her! WAKE UP JOSH, there's a girl falling to your knees here!
8th July 2008
Bea's not talking to me because I'm hanging out with Laura too much and not with her. I said that I've got other friends too you know! She didn't take that into her sometimes stupid mind and walked off in a huff. I went to tell Sara, Emma and Tisha all about Robbie, Sara already has a boyfriend but she said she wanted mine instead. So did Emma and Tisha, even if they haven't had a boyfriend!
9th July 2008
Bea is completely ignoring me at school, she's gone off with Rebecca and May, and I've gone off with Georgia and Fiona my other two friends. Robbie called, said I should come round to his house tomorrow afternoon. His parents are quite old, like in their 4os. Tool Boy and Mum had a great date together. He's even using our shower and there are little hairs everywhere you go in the bathroom. He's even moving some his stuff in, his classical CDs his books. What's going to be next, his bed? There's something fishy going on that Mum's not telling me about.
10th July
Yes, a day free without Tool Boy, LUSH! Mum was really sad all day. She said he wasn't here because he's at work! I asked her how she met him and she answered,
Debby's friend told Debby and Debby told me because we were needing a handyman.
What an excuse! I've started a diary of when he comes round and say what he did in the house and when he used the toilet. Me and Robbie had great fun at his house. We read our favourite books, me, The Naughtiest Girl by Enid Blyton. Robbie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, then we cuddled up on the sofa and watched To Kill a Mockingbird.
11th July 2008
Tool Boys back, how boring! Popped round to Laura's to have a moan, Laura's having a hard time too because her parents are splitting up and her parents aren't talking to one another so she has to communicate for them. High School Musical 2 has arrived from LoveFilm. I've invited Laura, Bea, if she's talking to me, Georgia and Fiona and some other friends that I made on the induction days for a sleepover so that we can all watch it. Taylor and Margot think that HSM's cheesy and we think they're mad. Margot always tags along with Taylor and never actually really says anything. Well, Traitor a.k.a Mum is calling gotta run.
12th July 2008
BEA IS COMING TO MY SLEEPOVER!!! She's finally started talking to me! Taylor said she couldn't come but who cares about that creepy sourbutts?
Here's my wonderful list:
They're all wonderful friends and the parties tomorrow night. How cool, Bea said she's sorry and she's looking forward to seeing Laura again from the induction day.
Sleepover to plan bye!
13th July 2008
Oh no, I've just realised, this is the last page in my dear notebook. You've been a good friend! In my sequel I'll tell you about my sleepover bash. It'll be great fun. Me and Robbie will hopefully be the same. Wait a minute, Laura wants to write something.
Yes, thank you for reading it, as it will never be published anywhere else, if you didn't like it, still recommend it to a friend and keep your thoughts to yourself. Thanks for reading!


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