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Bob Steve Boberstons life.

Book By: KristenLOVEStoWRIGHT

Tags: Cookies

I wrote this at randome. Its not true by the way,

Submitted:Nov 1, 2008    Reads: 167    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

well... Bob stole my cookies again and we are having a spat. That boy needs to learn to share. I share my hershie kisses with him. Why cant he share cookies? I swear., I`m never going to hold his hand again. When I hold bobs hand, it has cookie crums on it. And when I kiss him.. he taste like cookies. And he told me that he uses exctra straingth tooth paste to get rid of the plack. Bob is not a verry good bf I tell yea. I told him about the big magical cookie of hope and wonder and he makes it rain cookies all the time! I told the big magical cookie of hope and wonder not to grant cookie wishes from bob but he cant help it. bob is the hottest guy though. Hes verry athletic too. But he just cant put away those cookies. Hes very smart to. But hes the dumbest in french. In art he draws cookies. we had to make an animation thing last year and he made his, it was him eating a cookie. For my birthday he got me a box of cookies. And than he ate it. when bob and I make out. After 5 min he will stop and say " 1 min" than pull out a cookie. At school found rasers he buys out all the cookies. Bob has the emo style hair, but there ish cookie crums in it sometimes and it looks like dandrift because his hair is black and cookie crums are white. Bob tried out for the soccer team and the couch let him in cous he gave the couch 2 boxes of cookies, but by the time the team is made, the couch fines out that there is no cookies in the box. I`ll telll yea. the couch wasnt so happy. Bob has tons of friends, its not funny. They all chase him screaming and yelling at him with emty bogs of cookies. I think they are mad at him.. Naw. They ovieously love him. Although, they look pretty mad. Bob tells me that they hate him. But I dont belive him one bit, They so love him. Bob says that his fav movie is porn. But why does he need Porn when he has me? Bob says that I`m the most beautiful girl at school. But when at school he always has his eyes on the popular girls and not me. When bob and I go to the movies, he always bigs bags and bags of mini cookies in his jacket and he asks for a popcorn bucket and when the lights go out he fills the bucket with the mini cookies and hides them from me. When I go into Bobs room, his room has posters of cookies and the cookie monster wearing a tong. Bob told me about this website called cookie.com so I went on it and it was cookies where small clothes.
I didnt know they had cookie porn. For Bobs speach he talked about cookies. This was his speach:

There are many types on cookies, My favorite happends to be chocolate chip. I have no friends cous of cookies and my favorite website is www.cookie.com, Cookies started out when some guy desided to put chocolate into his bread, Than he ate it. After words he started making smaller ones and puting chocolate into it. That became the most sexy cookie of all time, called, the chocolate cookie. On the other side of the planet some guy was making bread when a squirl dropped a walnut into the batter. I tell you, that squirl was crying for days. Than alot of other stuff happend and now we have many types of cookies. now I better end my speach because I need a cookie break. I love cookies! ~bob

Than bob left the room and went outside. Than he stood right infront of the window and stared at us eating a cookie like he was smoking. After class I took bobs hand and it had chocolate chips on it. When I got home. Bob sent me a message on msn and it said " Hey, I cant wait to see you. I found a new type of cookie! ~Love the cookie monster"

2 days later bob told me that he was the cookie monsters cousin. Than I told him that it made alot of sence and he laughed. Than he handed me a cookie for the first time in his life! But it was half aten.

Anyway, bob needs his cookie break and he wants me to reach the cookie jar in his house. So I better leave. ~ the cookie monsters girlfriend.


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