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Chapter One:Lily and Christina

Book By: Lillianblood

Lily and her cousin ,Christina,are at Disneyland....Nothing special....but meet the next characters in the second chapter!

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Lily walked along the side of the ride,waiting for her cousin to get off of The Jungle Cruise.It's not that Lily was afraid to go on,it was just that she HATED and FEARED machanical animals.She always felt like they would go roge.She was the age of fourteen,had long black hair that went up to her lowerback ,just above her butt and went over half her right eye,which were big and brown.Nothing special about her,except that she was outgoing ,and did anything she wanted to.Christina came off with a smile on her face,and walked towards her cousin.

"The ride was SOO fun,I think you can remember it when you were like five with no fears,"Christina giggled.She loved being Lily's "wingman"and all,but teasing her was her job.She was a little chubby but not to round,had a pink streek falling out of the side of her brown hair,and was the same age as her cousin buttaller(everybody was taller than Lily).Lily playfully punched her in the arm and continued walking around Disneyland.They had rode all the rides all ready,but it was barley 12 o'clock.That's what you get when you're first,Lily thought.Christina was rambling on about Oregon and how great it was and, blah,blah,blah.Lily tuned her out and walked to Big Thunder,one of her favorite rides next to Space Mountain.

"HELLO!?EARTH TO LILY!"Christina waved her hand in front of her cousin's face like a rapid wave.Lily snapped out of her world and returned to earth.

"Oh sorry,I blanked out,wha now?"Lily looked at Christina with a I care about what you're saying Look,but she didn't really give a crab.Christina continued .

"I asked,when do you wanna go to California adventures?"She looked at Lily unpatient.She waved her hands in a go on motion.Lily thought about it and shrugged.

"I dunno...like....five?"We got her at ten and we're leaving at twelve,she thought.Christina gave her one of those looks.Either she was thinking or she was constipated.She nodded in an ok way."There isn't much there so like,five to.........seven?"Lily knew Disneyland and California Adventures like it was one of her art pieces(NOTE:I didn't want to use the back ofher hand saying,because WHO KNOWS THE BACK OF THERE HAND THAT GOOD?I know the front of my hand more...BACK TO story)She had been going her since she was born,loving all the happiness there was.Christina looked at her in a suprised way.

"Did you plan this while you were at home or something....or do you have a brain inside that head of yours?"Christina smirked.Even though Lily was smarter than her ,she still acted like she was the genius of the group.Lily mocked with her hand puppet.

"Yep,maybe you should get your's from the brain factory,"Lily laughed.Christina rolled her eyes and smiled.

"Gosh,you're fun but you're sassy ,"She laughed.

"I am NOT sassy,"She hated being called that.It made her feel like she was a brat,which she wasn't.She was humble,and greatful for anything,she just stuck up for herself time to time.Christina laughed and lightly punched her in the head,and ran away to the ride.Lily cased after her,laughing.


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