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Chapter Two:Marshall Lee and Alex

By: Lillianblood

Page 1, Meet Marshall Lee and Alex,two best friends since kindergarden,they\'re at Disneyland and headed off to California adventures

Marshall Lee ducked his head under the yellow submarine."This Finding Nemo ride sucks,it's nothing like the movie except for the fishes,"He shook his head in disappointment.He was fifteen,had black hair that covered his eyes,but not completely,and wore a red and black plaid shirt and somered Converse.He floated above the ground,and people in line stopped and stared.He caught himself and walked on the floor.He let people think it was a magic trick,but it really wasn't.He tapped his foot and waited for his friend.How many seats was he away from me?He thought.Then,came out Alex,talking to a few girls.He had spiked brown hair,a mole that was on the right side of his cheek,and he was the same age as Marshall.He walked towards his friend.

"Hey Marshall,the girls asked if they can join our little group,can they?"He wore a sly grin and winked.Marshall Lee growled.He was always trying to get girls,and he AWLWAYS got them.

"No."Marshall walked away ,expecting him to follow.Alex rolled his eyes."Sorry girls but ya' can't,my friend has social issues."He ran towards Marshall Lee and punched him in the arm."DUDE WHAT THE HECK?!They're were like.. three fine ladies over there!"Alex pouted.Marshall Lee looked at him and raised his eyebrows.

"You're such a player dude,that's wrong."Marshall Lee rolled his eyes.Alex grabbed his blue prep jacket and grinned.He chuckled,"Yep,and i'm pretty good at the game too"Marshall Lee chuckled and walked with his hands in his pockets.Alex stared at him.Marshall Lee raised his eyebrow.

"Dude,are you checking me out?Am I really that good looking to attract girls AND guys?"Marshall Lee joked.Alex punched him in the arm and gaged."That's sick dude,I was just thinking.....YOU AIN"T GOT NO GAME!"Alex shrugged.Marshall Lee looked at him and crossed his arms.

"I Don't want (finger quote)Game(Finger quote),I just want ONE girl,not a whole army of 'em."Marshall Lee shook his head and sighed."I haven't been able to find a girl that mademe she cared for me for my personality."Alex stared with his bottom lip out.

"Gay,GAYER,GAYEST,Dude,you're turning into a chick,"Alex frowned in dissapointment in his friend.Marshall Lee punched him in the arm,and laughed.Even thought his"Wingman"Alex was obnoxious,he was still fun.Marshall looked around and tuned out Alex rambling on about his game and girls,and crab.He whistled a tune and began to hover above the floor.But he didn't mind,let the people stare,it was a fake magic act(even though he was use to doing the invisible ignorance act without doing anything to himself).

"MARSHALL LEE!?DUDE,COME OUT FROM SPACE AND BACK TO EARTH!"Alex snapped his finger in front of Marshall's face like he was doing a hynotizing act.Marshall Lee snapped back to reality.

"Huh?Wha,I blanked out..."Marshall Lee looked at him and gave him the Im listening look.Alex shook his head and started talking again.

"I said,do you wanna go to California Adventures and try to ride all of them,since we rode all of these rides,"Alex tapped his foot,and waited for an answer.Marshall Lee looked up and thought about it.We did already ride all of these rides....He thought...and nodded."Sure,and then we'll come back around.....ssSeven?"Marshall Lee shrugged and waited for Alex's thought.Alex raised his eyebrow.

"Ok,but dude,..stop going all smart on me ,Ok?"Alex pointed to his brain,showing that he wasn't using it.Marshall Lee rolled his eyes and smirked.And they headed off to California Adventures .....

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