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Deadman's Fairy Tales

By: peachiehime

Page 1, In order to become the centre of attention, a self-centered and curious girl named Alice finds the world she once knew as wonderland being corrupted. Characters from all over the popular eastern and western fable world, such as Snow White , Dorothy and Little Red Riding Hood will have to confront all sorts of villians and monsters who are invading the Fairy Tale world in order to resolve a mystery before it is too late.

Twogirls enter an elongated elevator covered in green shaded "checkered" wallpaper.

Dragging their exaggerated weapons against the floor. The taller blonde sighs and drops her gun.

"I have a date in two hours" she complains turning to her shorter brunette counterpart.

"Who would want to date you"?

"A lot of people would"!

The brunette cackles psychotically.

"Yeah right!, you're pretty funny"

The blonde mumbles and says something under breath and presses the "sixth floor" button.

"Besides, we have no time for dates! zombies don't kill them selves"!

"I know"....


And that was exactly it. These two haven't been killing zombies only. They have been hunting down Vampires, Werewolfs, Fish Monsters, Mermaids, Witches, Evil Rulers, Snow Beasts, Queens, Ghouls... um.. they've also killed-

Alice: Are you done?! don't give the entire story away!


Anyways, where was I?... Oh!

Alice Akihiro, sixteen years of age, some-what tall, long blonde hair, temperamental-

Alice: What?! I'm not temperamental! in fact, I'm a pretty nice per-

Shh... okay, you're not!

temperamental, Has anger issues, typical "airhead" heroine, curious, main character.

We also have Dorothy Takemura, 14 years of age, short, annoying-

Alice: You've that right! I'm starting to like this narrator!

Dorothy smacks Alice on the back of the head.

Dorothy: Shut It, Blondie!

Hey, can I finish?!

Annoying, Irritating, attached to her pet dog, asks a lot questions, sidekick of the story.

Who else is left?.... Oh! Mary-Sue!, I mean.. Snow White!

21 years of age, 5'8" feet of perfection, the good looking one-

Alice:Excuse Me?! Last time I checked we didn't have timefor you to gush over princesses!

Sorry! but I'm just giving the audience a quick idea of the characters!

Red: Well, you're taking forever! when are you going to talk about me!


Red Riding Hood, eighteen years of age, "tomboy", red-haired andInsane

Happy? Now that is done... on with the story.



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