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No Help

Novel By: rvquel

"It's sad to say goodbye to someone who became a part of your life. It's hard to admit that the moments you've shared have lost its meaning, how change affected the good memories of the past. You'll just stare at them walking away from your life and taking a part of you with them."

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Everything was more glorious at that time. No cars, no smoke, no noise, no blazing heat, but the most important, no people.

Sun had just completely risen. I took a deep breath as I felt the sun's rays hitting my wet face.

I reached out my board and walked home. A long long way home, quite exhausting, cross to the other side of the road and stuff. Pretty far, huh? One of the many advantages of living by the beach.

"Dude, you really have to stop doing this dumb thing of waking up at 6AM just to catch those 'morning perfectly waves'.
"Morning, little 'sis." I said as I put some cereals on my mouth comforting my starving stomach.
"Then, after your not-noisy-taking-the-board-of-the-garage-act that sounds like you're about to build a new roof, you just sneak out like you hadn't woken up the whole state."
"You lost me at the 'not-noisy' thing that I can't call a sentence. Anyway," I kissed her forehead, "I'm going to Miguel's. See you later."
"Look at me. I'm Joe, I hate social contact but I have abs so that's okay." Emily said, trying to upset me but completely failing. I mumbled a 'Shut up', putting the keys on my swim boardshorts's pocket and closing the door behind me.

Sometime[alway]s Emily can be a pain in the ass. Most of the time no one gets her point probably because 97% of what she says doesn't make any sense, yet she insists that we are the ones who can't understand her 'genius sarcastic ego'. I told you, don't make sense.

As usual Miguel was still asleep even though our plans are at the same time since ever. 8:30AM, everyday. Ring the bell continuously has become a habit. I didn't have to worry if I was waking up his parents, they were never at home. His father is always travelling doing whatever he does, I think the last time Miguel has seen him was like in March? We're now in August, not bad. I mean, once he disappeared for like more than one year and never called Miguel or Mrs. Campos, his mom, who also barely stopped at home. Although he doesn't like to admit it, it's obvious that's the reason Miguel is so damaged.

"You won't believe this but I was already up and uhm.. showering. That's why I took so long. Yeah."
"And I'm Michelle Obama." I said, walking in.
"Don't want to be rude but maybe, my lady, you should get breasts implants." Miguel said, patting my chest.

Now the road was more than filled with cars. Actually, there was a little bit of road on the cars. There were people running, roll skating, walking their dogs and stuff. An authentic chaos compared to the paradise in the early morning. That's what you get for living in front of the principal highway of Huntington.

hm, so? just a little intro to let you know what's up in this story. it's lame but it'll get better, I promise.
give me some feedback. thank you 愛


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