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Tigger vs Rich Johnson

By: Silverhawk

Page 1, This is tigger and hickory trying to return the ray guns. (There is action) This is kinda the ending of tigger vs the octobunny

Tigger vs Rich Johnson Tigger looked at hickory. They needed to return the ray guns. The rich store owner, Rich Johnson, was VERY crabby. And he could get evil at times. They went to the rich store to return the ray guns. Tigger and hickory expected a harsh conversation when they returned the ray guns, but nothing like they got. Rich Johnson was so mad he put them in a cage, and shipped them to Tasmania via airmail. When tigger got back to Tampa, (she shipped them back) she marched up to Rich Johnson. That was her first mistake. Hickory yelled that it was very hostile to send them to Tasmania and that this is war. Rich Johnson just smiled evilly. Tigger drop kicked him in the stomach. Rich Johnson threw tigger through a piano. Hickory broke a chair on Rich Johnson's head. Rich then threw hickory through another piano. Tigger asked rich what was with him and pianos. Rich said it was an obsession. Tigger went up to him and threw him out the window and through the window of his car. Hickory gave tigger a high-five. Rich threw them into yet ANOTHER piano. Then, hickory and tigger got on both sides of his head and smashed a chair on both sides. Rich Johnson got knocked out cold. Tigger yelled in his ear triumphantly "And we're keeping the ray guns!" Tigger and hickory walked out with their heads high, and went home.

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