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Phantoms of Chaos

Book By: Snowman22

Grant Maker was a man whose participation in a vampire hunt in 1813 has caused him to live to 2011 due to being bit and turned into one. which has been a liveing hell for him in more ways than one, he just wants to die at this point but when he meets his love his ideas change ever so slightly. WARNING: This book is funny, yes, but it's also dark and sometimes sad.

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Chapter 1

There is a time where all liveing things end. Mine has come and gone yet, I still live. I am no longer human. I feed on the sacared element of the human life force, blood. Very much like a bat. I crave, no, need it. With out the blood i would die... Funny after seeing my freinds and family die alls I want to do is pass on, so I can be with them again. My name is Grant Maker, No not count so and so...Just Grant Maker I was in a vampire hunt in 1813.It's funny, sick not funny, how things work out. I thought I was safe in the middle... sourrounded with my allies but, some how I was the first target. he killed three then bit me right on the neck after killing eighty nine of the one hundred and forty some, and biteing one. Everyone just figured i would be cured scince we killed him, but like the gameshows of today say, EANT wrong answer!

I wish not for your pity, but I pray for your understanding. You have no Idea what is like to see everything you love turn to dust while you live on. At least my sanity has remained mostly in tact, and illness is ignorent of my exectince. I may be a monster of sorts, but I still make rash and humaine desions. For example I have Icolated myself from people for they're safty, as well as my own. It was an error on my part to think I was safe in a sitation like that one, so i can only blame myself... And that God Damn Blood sucking vermon too.

Chapter 2

It's storming outside and my crave is in. I need to eat soon or I'll turn to dust. I get up, and like any other time I've put off my meals I see everything in red tints. I grab my over coat and head out. I don't sparkle, I don't even smile. the sun effects our eyes more than our skin. It makes it harder to see. I hate seeing the vampire as a hero, considering we're beings of death. I see a little goth girl. perfect. thanks to twilight pray has become easier to find and catch. I go up to her and introduce my self. "Grant maker, and who am I haveing the honer of meeting this lovely fall day." she stares and scince I look twenty threeish instead of two hundredish she says her name which I can't even remember now. I make sure to subtley show off my fangs. then she sees them... It lites a spark across her face fear and excitment.

"wanna go to my place?" she says to me. Like moths to a god damned flame... so we cut through an ally and head to her house except we never make it. she starts to blab " my name is ----- " my teeth stab her neck and I suck her blood... It feels so good it's almost orgasmic to me. then I look at her and see a phone. "what are you doing?" I ask the dumb slut, and the woman actually says, no joke "I'm texting my freind telling them I'm about to have sex with a vampire." I take my fangs out "what's your name again?" she says "Melissa" That's what it was!I knew it was there! so then I grab Melissa by the neck and slam her stuiped body against the brick building and laugh. "you're one dumb whore... You're just a meal to me nothing more. I'm about done with my dinner you winch, and after word I think I'll kill you." You see I allowed her to live she'd tell the police about me so I'd rather be safe than sorry. I dig my fangs deeper this time takeing all I want, and shestates about how good it feels

After My meal I decide It's time to kill her, I slam her on the building and useing a power that all vampires have three hoursafter there meals I burn her to ash with my pyrokynises.


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