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Stories I Wrote in Third Grade

Book By: SunshineOfMyLove

Want to read something incredibly stupid that it's looks as if an eight-year-old wrote it? Well! Look no further. These stories were of those I had written in third grade.

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Jane Craig was a young German girl who came to America who had an IQ of 200 and was very athletic; everyone was surprised when she turned up missing. It was September 24th and cheerleading tryouts were currently happening. Jane tried out for the cheerleading team and a girl in front her made the last place of the cheerleading squad. " Ok, cheerleading tryouts are over. You may leave." Said the captain. But Jane still wanted to tryout. So she walked up to the cheerleading captain and said " Can I just show you my moves?" "Ok, make it quick I have class in 5 min." Jane smiled and got ready to do the cheer. She did flips and cheers no one in the school could do. " Oh my gosh! Your good but we have no more positions in the cheerleading squad." Said a cheerleader. The cheerleading captain came up and said " Kayla, can she have your position?" " No! I can't give it up! Come on Cammy no!" " Well you better! We need someone like her on the team. And no back sass from you lackey!" " Ok, I'll just leave!" " Ok good! You better! I guess…" " My name is Jane." Jane butted in. " I guess Jane's on the squad." Jane looked over to Kayla who was crying in a corner. Once Kayla saw her she ran to the girl's bathroom. Jane chased after her.
" Wait! Jane! Don't leave!" Jane ignored her and went in to the girl's bathroom.
Jane walked in and saw Kayla in a stall crying. " What's wrong?" Jane asked Kayla. Trying to soak up her tears Kayla said " Nothing I just got something caught in my eye." Jane looks in her eye "I don't see anything." " It's invisible." "Kayla the ridiculous!"
" Nah uh!" " Uh huh. Kayla, what's wrong?" " It's stupid really. You won't care." " Kayla, do you really think that?" " I really wanted to be in the cheerleading team and you snatched that dream away." " Kayla I'm sorry I didn't know... You can have it" " Jane its ok. Don't worry about me no one else does." "Kayla I care for you so don't say that." " My mother didn't" " What do you mean didn't?" " She died when I needed her most." " Oh my gosh Kayla I didn't know." " It's ok I'm fine." " You don't look just fine. Where's your dad?" " He abandoned me on the streets when my mom passed away. He doesn't care about me" " I do" after that Jane was speechless and just gave Kayla a hug. " Let's go to class," said Jane " Ok, let's go," replied Kayla
" What do you have next?"
" What do you have next?" they said at the same time.
"Saying the same things"
"Saying the same things"
" We twins?"
"We twins?"
"Whoa that was really weird' said Kayla
" Yeah, it was. Who's your history teacher? Mines Mr. Craig, we're not related '


It was a cold day in Georgia. A girl was sitting down on a log reading a book. She had a name stitched to her brown blouse blowing in the wind. The name on the blouse said Casey. But as she turned around you could see the name Wrigley. As you could guess her name was Casey Wrigley. She got up and sat the book down on the log and walked up to a small, white house supposedly hers. She looked about the age of eleven or twelve. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, fit, and she was a pretty girl. She stopped at the doorstep then slowly walked inside the house. Silent as a mouse she grabbed a light blue backpack. She ran as fast as she could outside to the bus that she heard rustling around on the gravel road. She ran up the hill in front of her house trying to get to the bus. As the doors began to close she pushed them apart and got on the bus. Casey sat at the emergency exit seat. She took her backpack off and then put it on her lap. Casey unzipped it and pulled out an old arrowhead with a string wrapped around it. She smiled as if she hadn't seen it in awhile. Casey sat staring at it for ten minutes.

She was gazing at it so long she didn't realize her friend had gotten on the bus. Her friend went on and on about her weekend, but Casey wasn't listening. Her friend realized she wasn't listening so she tried to get her attention " Casey? Casey!" she began to get angry. Casey finally heard her and replied " What, Martha?" " What is that?" asked Martha. Martha had dark brown hair, blue eyes, and was shorter than Casey she also had a pointed nose she was ugly. After Martha asked Casey the same question ten times Casey did not answer anytime Martha asked. Martha gave up; Casey obviously wasn't listening to her.

Casey put the arrowhead down finally. She was ready to talk to her friend, but they were at the school already. As Casey got up she looked around the bus and saw her friend Caitlyn, her very good friend. Caitlyn had long brown hair, brown eyes, and her nose was sort of up, but she still was very pretty. " Oh, Caitlyn! I didn't know you got on! I was to busy looking at this arrowhead that- never mind…" said Casey to her friend Caitlyn. Caitlyn smiled and waved. They all were getting off the bus, but it was Casey's first day of 6th grade and she was carrying a lot of books. The books were heavy and she was strong, but she wasn't paying attention and she tripped over a foot. Casey tumbled to the floor with her books. "Oh, sorry can I help you up?" asked the boy whom she tripped over. " It's okay…um…my mistake." She replied not looking at his face. The boy helped her up anyway. As she looked up she saw it was her best guy friend Alex. She hadn't seen in awhile and was happy and excited. He had blonde hair, eyes that changed color, and he was Casey's crush. "Oh my gosh! Alex! Um… I mean it's good to see you." Declared Casey to Alex. Alex chuckled and smiled " It's good to see you too." Casey just smiled back and was speechless. She started to giggle hysterically. When she realized she looked like a fool she cleared her throat and rubbed the dirt off of her jean skirt. Alex pointed at the bus door signing that they have to go. They jumped off the bus.
Casey walked beside Caitlyn and Alex into the school. Caitlyn grabbed to hold Casey's hand because she was scared to go to the middle school. Alex reached over to Casey's then pulled away. But Casey saw him and reached to grab his hand. Caitlyn, Casey, and Alex held hands going into the school.
They all walked into the school. Caitlyn went away to go to the bathroom so it left Casey with Alex. They pulled their hands away from each other and just walked. Casey was walking unknowingly that her backpack was unzipped. She walked beside Alex then suddenly the arrowhead dropped out of the backpack. Alex and Casey reached over to grab it at the same time. They grabbed it and when they got up they realized they were not in school anymore.

Alex and Casey were shocked. They had no idea where they were. They looked behind them and saw a boy. He was black and white, was wearing a cloak, and floating. " Oh, hello my good mates, you finally have come. We've been waiting." Said the ghost boy in his British accent. Alex looked over and saw a sword. " Ah, yes we found this young girl. But she is not the chosen one!" he said again dragging Caitlyn. " Let go of me!" screamed Caitlyn. He dropped his grip. " Oh my gosh, Caitlyn!" yelled Casey, whom, by that time, had already picked Caitlyn up. Casey gave a very angry look to the ghost. " Why are we here?" asked Casey. They ghost just smiled and disappeared. " Hmm.. why did he say we?" asked Alex. The looked over where the ghost had disappeared, and there was a group of ghosts they just pointed their hands at Alex and Casey and said " Chosen." And they also disappeared like the ghost boy. Everyone was in shock and Caitlyn who was now in Casey's arms fainted.

… never quite finished.


A song!

La la la
Do do do
Bur-rum ba ba

Verse 1:
I'm sitting here,
All lonely
Waiting for you
To come talk to me

I'm getting really bored
Want just a little "Hey"
Is it too much to ask,
For you to be headin' my way?

Your eyes pull me in
You're my crush
Talking to you,
Always makes me blush

I'm glad there is a hope,
That you will be with me
You know my name
I heard you called me pretty

Bum, bum, bum
There's no way-e-ay

The words you speak are like the poem of my heart
Pulling me in and tearing me apart
I been think of you lately
The thoughts are nearly driving me crazy

Your look, your touch
Is a little too much
It's like my own love poem
It's making me hum (mmm)

You're the poem of my heart


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