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Group Seven - Meet the Club

Book By: yolo1200

Glimmer, Marvel, Clove, Cato, Foxface, Rue, and Thresh start a club called Group 7, that consists of having a blast all the time. What type of things do they do? Read to find out!

Submitted:Jan 15, 2013    Reads: 83    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

A/N: I really don't feel like putting this in my fanfic, sooo I'll just tell you about the characters:

President: Cato, age 18, District 2

Vice President: Marvel, age 17, District 1

Secretary: Glimmer, age 17, District 1 (since Clove said writing is boring, in a really offensive way)

Treasurer: Rue, age 12, District 11

Volunteer (to take the place of anyone who couldn't make it to the meetings):Thresh, age 18, District 11

Lackeys: Clove & Foxface, age 15, Districts 2 & 5

Sooo, on with the fanfic!

P.S. Beware, Magical things can happen in this world of the dead!

Chapter 1

Marvel, Thresh, and Rue climb into Cato's new SUV.

"Ooo, this is cool!" Rue exclaims.

Cato smirks. "That's why I bought it, genius."

Thresh glares at him, causing him to look away nervously and climb into the driver's seat. Marvel calls the passenger's seat, so Thresh and Rue get into the middle.

Marvel frowns. "So where are we going again?" he asks.

Cato shrugs. "I dunno. You'll have to ask Glimmer."

Rue's eyes widen. "You're letting HER drive?" she asks. Cato nods.

Marvel lets out an inhuman shriek. "You're putting our lives into the hands of a MANIAC?!"

"Dad's okay with it. I'm not letting YOU drive because you're my best friend and it wouldn't be fair, no way Thresh is EVER touching the wheel of my baby, Rue's too young, Foxface would do something stupid like drive off a cliff, Clove has anger issues, leaving us with Glimmer, who said we would go to the mall."

"There's always YOU," Thresh points out.

"That's true... But I already promised Glimmer she could do it, so deal with it! And why would you call your sister a maniac, Marvel?"

"Because she is one! Now can we go, ALREADY?!"

"Sure. Calm down." Cato starts the car and they drive over to Glimmer and Marvel's house. The only reason Marvel was at Cato's was because he and Thresh spent the night there. Rue happened to come that day. For no reason at all.

Glimmer and Clove are standing on the porch. Glimmer has on every makeup item you can think of on.

Marvel groans. "You look like Effie Trinket. Why can't you just look normal?"

Glimmer throws a stick at him.

"HEY! NO NATURE IN MY NEW SUV!" Cato screams. Glimmer kicks him in the stomach and climbs into the driver's seat.

Cato glares at her once he can breath again and drags Marvel to the middle, shoving Rue and Clove into the back.

"DO NOT PUSH RUE!" Thresh shouts, lunging for Cato's neck. Cato scrambles away from him and manages to dodge the knife Clove hurls at him. He climbs into the passenger's seat.

"Can we go before someone doesn't make it to the end of this? PLEASE?!" Cato whimpers.

Glimmer starts the car again and roars down the road.

"SLOW DOWN, YOU IDIOT!" Marvel screams. Glimmer slows down enough to where everyone was comfortable enough to not have a heart attack.

Rue covers her ears. "Too much screaming..." she mumbles.

"Sorry, Rue. Glimmer, please slow down before you wreck my car."

Glimmer slows to the speed limit, and everyone relaxes.

Thresh frowns. "This isn't the way to the mall. Where are we going?"

"We have to get Foxface."

When they reach Foxfaces house, she's standing outside with loads of suitcases and her family are outside hugging her and giving her presents.

"What's going on? Aren't you coming with us to the mall?" Glimmer asks.

Foxface frowns. "You mean we're not going to Japan?"


"Oh. Okay. That's what Clove told me..."

"Don't you know sarcasm when you here it?!" Clove snaps.

Marvel slumps in his seat. "This is going to be a looong day," he mumbles.


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