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Frog Boy

Book review By: Hey

Frog Boy's Origin, The classic tale of the teenage superhero done in a brand new way! A gift from his friend Plug gives Our hero Mike Wornhouse many different abilities and gadgets, he decides he should use he's powers for good and become protector of his home town: Bensworth! This may sound like a normal superhero story but it's much different! Join Mike as he becomes: Frog Boy!

I can't wait to hear what you have to say!
But if it's something negative at all, Keep it to your self because I don't think that kind of thing is right to post.

Submitted:Apr 27, 2013    Reads: 36    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

The book Frog Boy was created once before as a game of pretend and never truly got it's story together until just last year:2012 when all the characters still needed a place and a point. but then this year: 2013 was when Frog Boy's origin was first written as a cartoon script! But it's had quite a lot of modifications to becoming right now: Frog Boy's Origin-DestroyX.

The Villain DestroyX was actually not 100% put together when I was writing! I knew That I wanted a tough villain and he had to have a robot suit (Lets face it, Robot suits are cool Just look at Iron Man!) and he needed the word Destroy in his name. so I added an X and drew his suit. But the hydraulics that power his suit didn't come to be anything until I attended a class on Hydraulics and how they work. This looked like the perfect thing to power DestroyX's suit! And it was! But I won't get to deep in the details with him.

The main characters: Mike Wornhouse,Samantha Weston and Plug (Whose real name is Danny P. Jones) all came to me as though I was writing a comic book. Samantha was the one who liked Frog Boy, Plug made him Frog Boy and Mike became the one and only Frog Boy.

So far it appeared to me that this was just an average teen superhero story like Spider-Man (I got most of the inspiration from him) But This was and is much more! This story had something The others didn't: A completely different concept!!

Frog Boy stood up against bigger and tougher things than him, he didn't get bit by a radio active Frog (he chose to be Frog Boy) He didn't fall into a swamp filled with DNA changing chemicals (Two different original Frog Boy concepts!)

He shows the whole world that his ideas of heroes and his stories aren't silly and that they mean something to him and now thanks to Frog Boy the whole city of Bensworth!


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