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The Lost Mind of Buffalo Morgan

By: JamesBryne

Page 1, The lost Mind of Buffalo Morgan is old and new material taken from Mr. Hemmerle’s shows and woven into a powerhouse of hardcore comedy. There’s comedy everywhere in life and this novel will exploit that as a fact. From “Let’s bolt a cannon to the hood of my car\" to \"The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Sex,\" there\'s laughs here for everyone. Is your family insane? Did you celebrate your divorce more than your wedding? Do you hate your job? You’ll love this book.

At first I was kind of skeptic about buying and reading this book but soon after that I searched for Buffalo Morgan and I came across his youtube channel.

After that I was intrigued and I read the book in less than a week. I just have to say I'm similar to Tom Allen because, just like him, I found the The Lost Mind of Buffalo Morgan Sick Funny Comedy from Buffalo's Vegas Show Volume 1 extremely funny. This book is just what I needed after a hard day at work.

I definitely recommend it.

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