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O.K. so here's the details. Book: New Moon; twilight saga #2
Author: Stephanie Meyer. Alright so we got some problems with the vampires, wolves, and relationship trouble. Here are some situations Bella gets in and what I would do if it were me. Basically this is what I would do in her shoes. You got me?

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Situation #1- Jasper Cullen just tried to kill bella at her B-day party.
What I would do in S#1- "Edward what the he** happened. Why did you push me you stupid bloodsucker! Go kill Jasper now! You stupid worthless piece of junk." I would get up and leave.
Situation #2- Edward is dumping bella and leaving.
What I would do in S#2- " Edward why would you leave me alone here? Didn't you say you would protect me. I mean that stupid, dirty, rotten Victoria chick is gonna suck my freak'n blood and stuff. Are you man enough to stay with me?" "Bella I am-" "Shut up Eddy. You don't care any freak'n more. You want that rotten scum to eat the crap out of me." Then I would cry and beg and if he said "you really WANT me to stay?" And then I'd say, "Yeah right, but you really do need to protect me. I mean I don't want you around ALL the time but maybe you should stick with stalking me at night, Edward."
Situation #3- Laurent wants to eat me.
What I would do in S#3- "Laurent I have back up you know. I know a few werewolves who will gladly rip you to shreds and eat your shreds. Do you want to see if they will come?" Laurent looks around. And then smiles. "Laurent, you are one dirty scum who would do anything to kill me and eat me to the bone. Why don't you leave and then I'll make a game for you It's called you hide and my werewolf buddies will eat you if they seek you." I would laugh and he would run away. Then I would tell Jake to hunt him down and kill him.


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