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Twilight Crap(:

Book review By: ninjaNIGHT

Hmmm... ever read twilight (sorry the first page) and go 'Where the hell is the plot?' or better yet 'Yawn she'll end up with him and be a vampire' just by reading the first line?

And then you have to put up the with thousands or thousands of pages describing him as a 'stone, marble god'?

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Twilight Book Review(:

'Note, do not leave nasty comments telling me I'm wrong blah blah blah, if you don't like it don't read it and move on. Thanks it's my opion not yours (:'

Ever read twilight (the first page I should say) and gone ' yep I already know whats gonna happen, she's gonna end up with vampire and become a vampire herself' Yes we guessed that. I'm not saying shes a bad writer and what not (I'm thinking it not saying it) I'm saying that after the 1st time of saying how god damn beautiful edward is and how topaz his eyes are is when we get bored of the book, start a fire and burn the book to pieces. I'm just saying. Also where the hell is the plot? I mean sure you could say that when bella falls in love with edward and then the big fat vampires come and try to eat her could be counted as the plot, but seriously how did this book even be allowed to get published? Also when bella jumps off the cliff 'claiming' it was for fun when edward left just so she could hear his voice well its kind of a really bad example for 13 year old girls around the world who haven't even had a boyfriend but when they do and he leaves well lets just say the death toll in the world from jumping off cliffs will increase by at least 100. I for one am a feminist meaning that if a guy trys to control me I will have a bone too pick with them about how I can do it myself blah blah blah, now theres nothing wrong with you wanting a guy too look after you, but seriously every woman has rights and edward controlling bella in eclipse by getting alice too 'kidnap' her and hold her hostage is not a good way to get a girlfriend and makes once again seem alright for all the 13 year old girls who get abusive boyfriends thinking 'hey if edward cullen did it too bella then its gotta be alright' NO! No it's not alright for that too happen. Bella should stand up for herself and tell edward to fuck off because she can do whatever the hell she wants its her life not his! Also what the hell edward is like 100 and loves bella and shes ok with that. Hello? Just cause he's pretty doesnt make him any less of a pedo! Edward should know better, especially when he goes 'we shouldn't be friends, but hey i'll just hang around and make it harder for you not to be my friend' werido! Also in new moon he leaves after her paper cut but in twilight he stays after she gets attacked by a vampire, i dunno about you but getting a paper cut after being attacked by a vampire doesn't really seem that much of a reason to leave, just saying.

Now everyone who love love loves twilight is gonna go 'but if you dont like it so much then how come you read it' well the answer to that is simple, I use to like twilight use to like it, that was until I got a brain and started to realise how much of an idiot bella is and how much a control freak edward is. Don't get me wrong if you like twilight its fine by me, i'm not trying to convert you into hating it I'm simply just pointing out the many facts of how twilight and the series should not even be called books. I have my opion you have yours if you dont like it move on and dont leave nasty coments referring to how wonderfully romantic twilight is, cause its not and never will be. Bella falls for a guy who doesn't talk to her, big woop! Edward only likes her back cause of his lust for her blood, hello he fucking stalks her and breaks into her house while she sleeps, can you say creepy? Creepy. Think of it this way, if it was anyone else but a vampire who broke into your house and said they watched you sleep you would keep him right where the sun don't shine and scream for help, how the hell is it ok for edward too do this and not get kicked hmmm... thats right cause its a load of bullshit that will never happen and gets 13 years old girls hopes up waiting in the middle of the night for their 'edward cullen' to break in and watch them sleep. Not Ok!

Anyways thats my little rant tell me watch you think and dont leave mean comments(:




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