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Shabab Masry Gedan

Essay By: jerkulez

Which type of Shab are you!

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El-Shab el-Misry (Masrawy youth), is an individual of such uniquenesses, that i felt i must dedicate an article about them (me being one in name). In this article we try to take a look at the genres of Shabab and the interrelations between them.

How many types of youth do we have? Answer: 4, there are four major kinds of El-Shab El-Misry; 1- Shab el-3rbyat, 2- El-Shab el-7ormagy, 3- Shab el2hawi and 4- Shab el-Kora; in turn these four encase some more sub-categories of Shabab, that we will mention later on

For the first type, all guys (well most of 'em anyway) love cars, but then you get the few who are not just into cars, they take things to a new level with mod-ing the car, fine tuning it, changing some of the features, and adding loud ass stereos to a car, as if you can only be hip if you have an enough loud system (earth quacking) in your car, side-effects when getting in direct contact with that music, include chest pains, temp deafness, and loss of precious IQ points, and I'm not gonna even mention the sing along and car dancing that some do....what is up with that!!!! Shabab el-Autocross is the sub category of this group (what better way to enjoy cars than to drag and drift race and have a body count of innocent bystanders)

Type 2, dedicate their lives solely for the purpose, the conquest of the most number of women possible in a given time (usually the teen years), and in this era, even morons are getting a piece of the action, just half-tuck, slide down, spike it and smile and your pretty much set, in your pursuit of meaningless goals, let me be very clear on this, NO MAN can deny his love for the female species, yet how we approach makes all the difference. A subsidiary of this genre is Shab el-party (youth who hit all parties because they know it's a good hunting grounds for single or flock of chicks).

In many cases Shab 1 might be Shab 2 as well, as proven ions ago, chicks and cars go hand in hand, the better your car (yes i do mean money), the more hot the chick you can score. In other cases Shab 2 tags along with Shab 1, with mutual benefit outlying their relationship, Shab1 provides the drive, Shab 2 provides (at least tries) the entertainment.

The most norm and common of them all is the type 3 dude; i mean who doesn't love soccer (besides Eskimo tribes, Penguins and the Americans) But that which seems normal, is yet the worst addiction possible, you start prioritizing life in accordance to your team's league schedule, given the chance to play real soccer or watch a game, you choose to watch the game and make the decision in a split second, stay in to watch those non important games and has his room and car painted / decorated in the teams color, when you know the names of the entire staff of coaches, then it's time to find another hobby to go along this one! A funny sub category of Shabab shine here, Shabab el-PS (those, sit hours to end playing the winning eleven, choosing the same teams every time non the less, tremendously enjoying themselves, weird enough, it seems this condition is only applicable to Arabs, whose sole reason for the PS2 pr PS3 is soccer, and that is just ignorant and pathetic)

The last of those, is something we Egyptians pride ourselves upon, to be able to sit and spend that much time in one place, namely a coffee house or the more common 2hwa, conversing in the matters of their morning lives, this place is where the shesha boy is one of your best friends, and the waiter is like the cousin you never had; when you start to discuss life with them, you know it's time to change and find a new place, a very evident example of this lifestyle would have to be "On-The-Run", which we actually treat as 'On-The-Stay', Now it's normal to just go out and spend your day at a gas station! Shabab el-WiFi are the sub born out of this groups womb (FaceBooking and playing online games (to use the speed), characterize those new modern coffee house customers)

Type 4 being a dominant behavior, connects with all types, more so with type 3 (as these guys tend to sit down to watch the games in groups at some place), Genre 4 guys tend to have the most info and the least actual experiences, and that is only achieved through stories of others

A non-honorable mention here is, Shabab el-mo'7adarat, but these don't deserve a place on this rooster, although they are loads of fun!

I myself, have times i fall into each one of those groups (not the last one though), yet I'm a more of do it all kinda guy, i have the car, got my lady friends, like the good amount of soccer and enjoy a good gathering in a good place.....A normal Egyptian yet not so Egyptian dude!


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