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The Application of Algebra

Essay By: LittleStar

Algebra is always a subject questioned by students, but here are my thoughts on it after being clarified by my teacher.

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People often question the subject Algebra. They often ask why it's essential to learn it, and at one point, I did as well. But during a class discussion in Algebra, my teacher enlightened us on how it can be applied in real life. Now, I wish to share his knowledge on this subject and give an answer to those questions.

We don't apply algebra directly. Algebra is everywhere.. It's all in the way you apply what you've learned in real life situations. We would probably forget that "if x=3 then x+2=5 and x-2=1," but your way of thinking to analyze and solve the problem stays with you (hopefully). If you ask me how algebra could apply in instances such as law, I can answer that. And answer I will..

Anyway, when in law, you'd need to have an analytic mind to piece together the parts to solve a case. In medicine, you can apply algebra as well. When in cases that you have to save a person's life, critical thinking is needed. In daily things, algebra is applied as well. Even at school, especially when we're asked to hold a debate about things on occasion.

You may not notice it, but math is everywhere, just not directly applied as I've said over and over. Though it would be really weird if algebra was directly applied. I imagine daily conversations to be something like:

♣: Hey, how much did you buy that car for?
♠: I bought it for x, where x is equal to y^2 + z(y-z).
♣: That's cool. Have you seen my house? It's ab - cd + c^6 square meters.
♠: Wow, that's big.. Anyway, I'll see you later. My sister's coming home today, and I have to get ready in about qx minutes and 4y seconds.
♣: Alright. See ya!

Anyway, my point is, algebra is everywhere, but we don't see how it's really applied. That's probably why people get tired of it too easily. The things you pick up along the way (patience, analytic skills, critical thinking, etc.) are the things that we really use.

Also, I'm sorry if this isn't a formal essay. I just didn't know what category this would fit into, lol.


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