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Obama, Obama, Obama!

Essay By: Steve Sites

Essay, with a humorous twist, of my donation to Obama's election campaign.

Submitted:Nov 26, 2008    Reads: 149    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

Obama, Obama, Obama

By: Steve Sites

Well, we've just finished another presidential election here in America. Now it's just time to wait and see what happens next. Many are happy with the results; many are...well, let's just say not happy. But one can't deny the historical aspects of the election. We all know what i'm referring too. Yes, the first Hawaiian born president in U.S. history, of course that's what i'm referring to. A few folks, i've heard, thought maybe this was Ralph Nader's year. I think they were all at his house election night watching the returns.....

I did do something this year though that i hadn't done before. I gave money to a candidate. I won't say yet to whom i gave exactly, but will only say he's tall, thin, was born in Hawaii, is now from Chicago and is possibly the anti-Christ or the Messiah, depending on who you ask and what website they've read it on. Now getting money from me for a candidate is not easy, mind you. But i seemed to remember watching this candidate back in about January speak in some re-played speech about 2:00 AM one morning and became suddenly hypnotized by his penetrating eyes and spell-bound by his oratorical skills. In this shape i found myself in, I thought that his message just had to get out no matter how much money it took, including from me. So, as i remember it now, i finished the last of who-knows-how-many beers, pulled out a credit card that i had somehow managed to not have already maxed-out and gave my donation for the future of our great country.

After i managed to input all my credit card information into the computer for the candidate's website, which isn't easy to do at 2 am and in a very possibly inebriated state, i promptly got a thank you email for joining, in case you haven't already guessed who, Obama's army and assuring me that my donation would help to win the battle for the nomination and ultimately the Presidency of the World, eh, i mean the U.S. It was a proud moment, as i remember it, and i may have even shed a tear. Of course i was out of beer by then too so i'm sure now that was probably what the tear was for.....

After my gracious donation, I began then to receive a daily update of emails from the campaign detailing me of what the latest polls showed, details of this promise or that promise, what Obama was having for dinner that day and wearing to his next election rally, how i could enlist my friends to help the cause and of course, reminding me of how i could send another donation if i should choose to. I never chose to. However, i still was an important friend of the campaign i suppose since i continued to receive the emails on a daily basis, even more than one on some days. I don't know if i ever even opened more than a few of these emails. I had already did my part, in my opinion, for Democracy and for my candidate, and the news was saying he was already receiving a bazillion dollars in donations anyway.

Then of course, the economy tanked big time (and he picked "Golly-geez" Palin) and i knew then that McCain should just hang up his hat and cry "uncle" since the show was over for him anyway. I wonder why he didn't remember Clinton's first run for the nomination when the catchphrase "it's the economy stupid," helped propel him into the White House. Well, John, sorry, but golly-geez, in November 2008, "it was the economy stupid."

So, overall, i guess you could say i'm relatively happy with the election results since the candidate i supported with my contribution did quite well on election night. Hopefully, now these emails will stop flooding my inbox, but they probably won't. Since i'm now known as a fool that parted with his money, i'll continue to receive requests for money. Of course they won't get it. I do know one thing though, that's the last time i'll send my $12 to any candidate again........I hate to think how much i would be bothered and emailed to death if i would have send them $15 or Heaven forbid even $20. But nevertheless, you're welcome Obama, glad i could help ya win.....

© 2008 Steve Sites


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