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A Few Good Ways to Tell When Music Has Taken Over Your Life

Essay By: swimFire

Cuz it took over mine.

Submitted:Sep 11, 2009    Reads: 301    Comments: 43    Likes: 7   

  1. You've come this close to turning in, or have turned to your teacher, song lyrics, rather than your homework.
  2. You had a moment on the bus when you realized "O K D" was actually "Oh Katie."
  3. You know the names, phone numbers, and line-ups of almost every major venue in a fifty mile radius.
  4. The most dangerous sites to let you on aren't ones with bad downloads or social networking sites with creepy people, but tourtracker.com and purevolume.com.
  5. You not only wish you were 20 pounds lighter, you want to be Weightless.
  6. There's more concerts on your calendar than there are events on the three biggest venues combined.
  7. There are things on your List of Things To Before You Die such as, "Get the Artist Vs. Poet pre-show chant on video," just cuz it's never been done before. And, it'd require you to go to a concert.
  8. You'll be deaf by the age of 20 because of how loud your iPod apparently always is.
  9. You go through headphones for your iPod like a fish goes through water because you blow the speakers out.
  10. Having seven songs stuck in your head in one day is nothing unusual.
  11. You had a moment when you realized All Time Low is talking about Pete Wentz in 'Sick Little Games.'
  12. Instead of saying people don't like each other, you say they have an All Time Low-Metro Station thing going on.
  13. Your first conversation with someone went, "Hi." "Hi…" "Are you by any chance related to Derek Ries?"
  14. You've had a discussion about how to kidnap a band. Which was also your first conversation with someone.
  15. You have a museum going in your room, consisting of autographs, Sharpies used for said autographs, guitar picks, and part of Trace Cyrus' towel.
  16. Someone asks you what you want for Christmas and your immediate answer is, "iTUNES GIFTCARDS!!"
  17. iTunes ruined your credit.
  18. You can recite the past and present members of at least five bands.
  19. You have a fear of black binders because you can't write song verses on them.
  20. You have an entire binder covered with song verses. All in different colors. (And may I add it's pretty beastly.) (I'm up to four of them.)
  21. Your most precious possession is your iPod. And not just because The Cab signed it.
  22. If your parents really want to get through to you, instead of grounding you, they take your iPod.
  23. You cried when Panic! At The Disco sort of broke up.
  24. You were really mad when Panic! At The Disco took the ! out of their name.
  25. But whenever you write their name, you put the ! in anyway.
  26. You've spent hours in Hot Topic staring at band shirts.
  27. You've had bands do your chemistry projects. (I'm three for four.)
  28. You've gotten to the point where you carry paper and Sharpies with you at all times.
  29. You were really mad when Cash and Ian left The Cab.
  30. You know Johnson actually isn't as crabby as he's rumored to be.
  31. Singer, on the other hand, not so nice. But maybe you just caught them both on off days.
  32. Your "inner seven year old just wants to go climb that water tower over there."
  33. You've taken part in large screaming mobs chanting, "LET THEM PLAY! LET THEM PLAY! LET THEM PLAY!" in the middle of a thunderstorm.
  34. You can recognize any song on your iPod within seven seconds.
  35. You've stood in line for more than 45 minutes…for a hug.
  36. You know the best way to get through a crowd at a concert is actually not to yell, "FIRE!", but "OH MY GOD! LOOK! IT'S -insert band member here-!" and point in a direction opposite the way you're going.
  37. You stopped the All Time Low video for Weightless to read everything.
  38. You're friends with waaaaaay more bands than people on MySpace.
  39. You're a fan of iTunes on Facebook just for the free playlist downloads they give away sometimes (even though they've all sucked except the Warped Tour one).
  40. You've walked around Six Flags singing Nevershoutnever! to a wristband that was getting you in to see Boys Like Girls and The Academy Is….
  41. You've taken a poll (including a few guys) asking, "Alex or Jack?"
  42. Then you asked a band and told Justin to shut up when he said Alex because Jack was gross and drunk all the time.
  43. You have 18 or more future husbands (and about 17 of them are drummers).
  44. The movie Taking Five is the story of your life.
  45. Whenever you miss a concert, you blast that band's songs and make everyone within a ten-mile radius suffer with you.
  46. The 'My Life According To…' email that was going around for a while, where you picked a band and used nothing but their song titles to answer the questions, amused you for hours. (All Time Low worked amazingly, in case anyone was wondering.)
  47. Whenever anyone says, "Nothing personal," you say, "GREAT CD! YOU SHOULD BUY IT!"
  48. You laugh hysterically whenever someone falls over something and tell them they blessthefall failed.
  49. Barricades have never been the same.
  50. You've walked down the road going, "Well, you know what? YOU'RE ONLY HAPPY WHEN I'M WASTED!" "I POINT MY FINGER BUT I JUST CAN'T PLACE IT!" and pretty much stood there and yelled Stella at each other.
  51. You know Paul doesn't share Mike'n'Ikes well (I was special.)
  52. Cash also doesn't share Arizona Ice Tea well. Not even in exchange for a full VitaminWater (and just an FYI, if you're somehow reading this, I really did want it. It wasn't just because you touched it and I wasn't gonna turn around and sell it on ebay or anything.)
  53. If someone says something was epic, you turn around and tell them, "Nothing will ever be quite as epic as the Fall Out Boy concert wave that went for ten minutes." (And then Pete Wentz came out and was like, 'let's do the wave, guys!' and no one did.)
  54. You have decided Searching Streetlights can't keep a guitarist for longer than about six months. With the possible exception of Mike, cuz I don't know how long he was there. And so far, Travy's almost made a year.
  55. Instead of HORSE, you've played PETE, KYLE, BRENDAN, or COREY.
  56. One day, Elliot will be yours.
  57. You're Lost In Stereo.
  58. People can hear you coming because your music is so loud.
  59. The only vampires you've ever liked are Pete Wentz and Brendan Urie.
  60. You have tattoos and a switchblade attitude, a snakebite heart and a bubblegum smile.
  61. People know what you think about them by the volume of your music when they're talking to you.
  62. You know all the sites for free music downloads.
  63. Whenever you go on vacation, you take the estimated flight/drive time and multiply it by three and make sure you have at least that length of time of music on your iPod.
  64. You have four or more cases for your iPod. Only one of them fits.
  65. Almost anything anyone says gets related back to a song or a band.
  66. All of your stories involve a band in some way, shape, or form.
  67. The "BANDS YOU SHOULD KNOW!" playlists on youtube are all bands you've heard of.
  68. You hear "Free" and "show" in the same sentence and immediately ask "where?!"
  69. You hate the names Katie, Jennifer, Chelsea, and Annabelle because almost every song with a girl's name in it uses one of them.
  70. You've sat at restaurants down the road from a venue just to see if the band walked in.
  71. Let's just say that if that was your car Kennedy got in, he wouldn't've gotten out.
  72. You know what that's about. ^
  73. All you really want for Christmas is Jack Barakat
  74. Well, him or the signed Maine hoodie.
  75. You've sung yourself to sleep.
  76. Then you woke up singing a completely different song.
  77. You can never have too many band shirts.
  78. You got something signed and walked around for days going, "Derek signed my shirt! DEREK SIGNED MY SHIRT!!!"
  79. One of the many reasons you need to meet Trace Cyrus is to buy him a huge bacon cheeseburger or something else really fatty and see if he eats it...cuz he's about yay big around.
  80. You know for a fact there's no such thing as a cute Jonas Brother.
  81. Most of the new bands, you can honestly say you were a fan before they were signed and huge. And you have the autographs and ticket stubs to prove it.
  82. You know someone who knows someone who knows Pete Wentz.
  83. In the next 8 weeks, there are at least six big events you've threatened to walk to if no one will drive you.
  84. You're part of a fan club/frequent listener group for radio stations you don't even listen to just because they give away good tickets.
  85. There are more radio stations than people on your speed dial.
  86. Warped Tour is your Nirvana.
  87. It's easier to list the bands/genres you DON'T listen to.
  88. Your entire AIM buddy info is song verses.
  89. Someone says 'nah,' (meaning no) and you go, "nanananaananananana!" and have Love Drunk stuck in your head all day.
  90. That, or you go "shanananana, cuz living in the lines and exaggerations, you always make the best of a situation!"
  91. The best thing you've ever found on the ground was a The Academy Is…postcard.
  92. You've heard of 99.9% of the bands with shirts at Hot Topic.
  93. The other 0.1%, you went home and looked up.
  94. Dunkin' Donuts will never be the same to you.
  95. You've cornered Cash into a garbage can for an autograph.
  96. You know Johnson actually DOES eat.
  97. You can't look at giant bouncy balls without laughing hysterically.
  98. You've gone through songs on your iPod and laughed hysterically because it was 'Stop,' 'Stop and Stare,' and then 'Stop Staring.'
  99. You can come up with four pages of this in 1 ½ days.
  100. Band interviews amuse you to no end.
  101. You've sprinted (flat out ran) across the street for a Snickers for CJ. And you didn't get hit by a taxi doing it.
  102. You know exactly which of your friend's parents are good at making friends with security and take them to every concert.
  103. Nothing looks better to you than, 'FREE SHOW!'
  104. There's at least one thing music-related on every wall of your room.
  105. You skipped the homecoming football game for a concert.
  106. Whenever a band changes names, you make it a point to call them by their old name. (For example, Searching Streetlights.)
  107. You've been so annoyed by a band changing names (see above example) that you bought their new EP and changed the artist from their new name back to the old one.
  108. Playcounts have been known to triple in a day.
  109. You were at the new Harry Potter movie, and mid-movie poke your friend and go, "It's Hollywood Undead!"
  110. Your best excuse for getting out of doing something is, "I'll only do it if -band member- comes with!" (I've learned to be specific on this one, last time they found a Bobby lol)
  111. Whenever the county fair/town fest is coming up, the first thing you do is look at the entertainment schedule.
  112. You schedule things around concerts you probably aren't even going to be able to go to.
  113. Your first dog will be named Dawson.
  114. You're already plotting to take over Fearless Records.
  115. You know people with a dog named after a dead guitarist.
  116. You spazzed out when you found out that the guy that named said dog had heard of Push Play (pre-signing-to-Windup).
  117. Del Taco is on your list of places to go before you die.
  118. So is Johnny and Harry's.
  119. You can't look at an Internet router without laughing hysterically. "It's the internet router for the internet router!"
  120. You keep a death grip on your phone whenever you're in taxis because otherwise you might end up like CJ and lose it.
  121. CJ Baran taught you how to fix an iPhone after he spilled salsa all over his. So basically the way to fix it is"to use a blow dryer on them repeatedly . Get the phone all coiffed up, a lil shampoo, a lil condish, some supafraga hair gel and wallah! Fixed iphone... just an fyi!"
  122. You've never told a lie (and that makes you a liar)
  123. You've sat around and wondered if that ^ was possible. And still don't know.
  124. You once wore a Fall Out Boy shirt to a Push Play concert and had to explain to Steve and Derek why. (It's too hot to wear a hoodie in the middle of August. Nothing personal, guys, which, by the way, is a great CD.)
  125. That runaway smile in your piggybank is gonna buy you a new Mercedes.
  126. Reading that made you either start singing Boys Like Girls or play Word Association with yourself and think Mercy Mercedes.
  127. Most songs make you say, 'it was better live.'
  128. You know the epicness of Jr. Mints and graham crackers.
  129. It's not a remake, it's a cover.
  130. You frequently contemplate why EP stands for 'Extended Play' and yet they're shorter than regular CD's.
  131. For some songs, you have three or more covers but not the original version. (22 Tik Tok covers and counting.)
  132. Your vocab has expanded to include words you never knew existed (Such as Icarus and aesthetic)
  133. Chocolate covered gummy bears. Need I say more?
  134. You've done the Mighty Ducks Quack in the elevator at a mall.
  135. You're subscribed to over 60 different bands on youtube at this current moment in time.
  136. The only videos you've ever put on youtube are songs recorded from concerts.
  137. In your spare time, you sit around on youtube and watch The Maine try to back up U-Haul trailers and Alex yell at fans.
  138. You're reading this instead of doing something more important, like looking up tour dates (or, dare I say it, homework.)
  139. You're now looking up tour dates.
  140. You've walked into a store and told the cashier to "Keep the change, you filthy animal!" and wondered why they got mad at you.
  141. You put song lyrics into your essays and speeches and class discussions.
  142. When a serial murderer escaped from a jail nearby your house and your school was on lockdown the entire day, the entire discussion at lunch was about how if it was Ronnie Radke, you'd keep him.
  143. Even though you know he's innocent. And actually not a murderer.
  144. And you realize exactly how conspiracy-theory that sounds.
  145. Then, the first text you sent on December 15th, 2009 was "Ronnie gets out today!"
  146. Except then he didn't.
  147. You've had a conversation using song titles"I think I'll Run, because I'm having One of Those Nights where I've got High Hopes In Velvet Ropes all because This City is Contagious." or "Stop Staring or we'll have a Situation and we'll be Up All Night trying to Do It Deadly and then one of us will be Here Without You and it'll be Far From Beautiful."
  148. Out of every cord you have, the only one not tangled in the others is the one that connects your iPod to the computer.
  149. You had a prolonged discussion about if Barrington High stopped using The Academy Is...'s lockers when they graduated.
  150. Then you had a discussion about how amazing it would be to tell people that you have what once was William Beckett's locker.
  151. When someone says, "I'll love you forever if..." you say, "FOREVER IS OVER!"
  152. When you learned about Plato and the school he founded called The Academy, you accidentally wrote The Academy Is... in your notes.
  153. You average four or more songs stuck in your head a day.
  154. Over the course of said week when that got figured out, only three of the songs were repeated, for a grand total of 23 different songs (and 26 total)
  155. Every textbook you've posessed for longer than six seconds has been renumbered from page '303' to '3oh!3'
  156. The plural of that blue thing above you is spelled 'skys' not 'skies.' and whenever someone corrects you on it, you go, "WELL, THAT'S HOW PICTURE PERFECT SKYS SPELLS IT!"
  157. You sobbed(hysterically) when you found out Fall Out Boy broke up.
  158. There was more hysterical sobbing when Elliot left Hey Monday.
  159. Then, you stared creepily at a picture of Singer's puppy for 20 minutes.
  160. You stare creepily at every van with a trailer and out of state plates to make sure there's no band inside the van.
  161. You got so excited by your phone's ringtone that you forgot to answer the phone because you were too busy singing
  162. The only missions you've ever accepted off of MysteryGoogle has involved telling someone about your favorite band
  163. You're good to go Black Friday shopping with because you're used to getting up at strange hours and standing in line for concert tickets
  164. Your favorite stories on Booksie are the ones that involve bands
  165. You're currently arguing with at least three different bands about that they actually aren't missing anything by not having a white Christmas because snow sucks.
  166. Then you offered to FedEx overnight them a box of snow.
  167. You thought of a bunch of things to add to this list at school and wrote them all down in your planner, instead of writing down your homework.
  168. Your theory at concerts is, 'hey, we've met them before/Adam likes us maybe he'll remember us--maybe we can get backstage!'
  169. You have decided you seriously need to become better friends with your cousin because her husband sets up stages for bands a lot and the vast majority of them are ones that you want to meet
  170. Then you got mad because at said cousin's wedding, the one band that you really like was there...they were the best men...and your parents didn't get you autographs.
  171. You know you can't get passports from Dunkin Donuts. Set It Off apparently was not so aware of that.
  172. Your little brother's third grade teacher and you have a 40 minute conversation about little bands no one's ever heard of, and he asked you to send him a list so he could go look up the rest of them.
  173. You've come up with legit reasons for every class as to why you need to go on a concert field trip.
  174. You won't run in gym, but the second someone tells you 'hey, Sisky's around the corner up there,' there's Olympic-Gold-Medal-worthy sprinting going on.
  175. You have a best friend you've never talked to in your Spanish class just cuz he has a 'Free Ronnie' shirt.
  176. ! is read as 'i,' as in 'S!o"
  177. You hate, hate, HATE having to share headphones with someone because the vast majority of songs don't sound the same with only one headphone.
  178. Your greatest accomplishment was getting over 2500 songs on your iPod.
  179. Your second greatest accomplishment was 4 CDs for $2. (Epic win concert :D)
  180. Graphing in algebra is miserable for you, not only because you're bad at math, but because there's a lot of people saying, "down and to the left," which sets you off, "here's the map and the pen…"
  181. You're extremely confused because, that for all the big events Breathe Electric plays, no one knows who he is.
  182. Your list of things to do before you die is all, "meet__________," "see ____________."
  183. You completely just had another one to suggest but were so busy reflecting on how the previous statement was true you lost it.
  184. You have stacks and stacks of CDs you could give to the library, because they're all on your iPod, but you don't want to, so one day when that band is huge, you can wave the CD in people's faces and be all, "I bought this CD FROM them!"
  185. You once had a conversation with a band you've never heard of that went, "Hey, did you guys get our EP yet?" "No." "It's a dollar." "Okay, awesome! -gives dollar- You know what, I really don't like your shirt." "-looks at his Cubs shirt- That's fine, I don't like you either." "You almost make me not want to buy this EP."
  186. You have more band shirts and wristbands, etc. than the average bitchy whiny rich celebrity girl has purses, shoes, hair and makeup products combined.
  187. You've sat outside Six Flags for 2 ½ hours before they opened to make sure you got Metro Station wristbands. You still ran to where they were giving them away anyway, even though you were the 16th person inside the park.
  188. When the guy that likes you (that you don't like back at all) asks what you're doing, 99% of the time, the conversation goes as follows. Him: "What's up?" You: "Stalking some guy across the mall." Him: "Why?" You:"He looks like he's in a band." Him: "Again?" You: "Si." Him: "What band?" You: "A good one." Him: "But what band?" You: "I don't know, he just looks like he'd be in a band. He looks really familiar and has an I'm-in-a-band aura." Him: "BUT WHAT BAND?" You: -delete texts and reflect on how hopeless he is.-
  189. You want to move to Westminister, California, because Fearless Records does interns and your mom won't let you go because you're too far away.
  190. The one thing that confuses you most about tours is when bands go from Chicago to Detroit to Milwaukee to Rockford. Why, exactly, would one go from Illinois to Michigan to Wisconsin to Illinois again? Especially if you're a broke touring band. I won't name names.
  191. 1 of the biggest arguments you've ever gotten into with your dad was that you only like all your favorite bands is because they're "attractive."
  192. Mike N' Ikes will never ever be the same.
  193. One of the many reasons you know you could never be in a band (Besides the fact you haven't touched a musical instrument since 8th grade) is that you couldn't be stuck in a van for hours on end with 3-5 other people. Even if they were your best friends.
  194. The most common conversation in the car with your friends is, "RAPIST VAN! WITH TRAILER!" "Outta state plates?" "Yes!" "Who's coming here soon?" "-lists bands-" "-person driving creeps on van-" "Oh look, it's some old creepy guy. Never mind."
  195. You've got your story rehearsed for the Burger King in Chattanooga. "Can I get a …Did anyone ever tell you that you look a lot like Josh? Oh, you are? See, that's what I thought but I didn't want to ask…"
  196. You skipped tech rehearsal for the play for a concert. Even though you're supposed to be doing lights and had no idea what you were doing in the first place.
  197. But Mike will never know you actually weren't at some "family thing".
  198. You're trading someone all the snow in your yard for tickets to their show. They're all for it if you can get the snow to Florida non-melted.
  199. You're terrified, absolutely terrified, to have your iPod out in the rain (and not just because the Cab's signatures might come off more (cuz trust me, Johnson's came off the night it got signed. Sharpies don't work well in rain, apparently) but because the rain might make it stop working and there's NO way you could go more than a day without your iPod.
  200. You didn't speak to your dad for a week when he got mad at you and threatened to throw your iPod out the window.
  201. You have 98 unwatched/un-listened to podcasts on your iPod- they're all band interviews except three.
  202. Your favorite part of watching stage crews set up is watching to see who has the coolest drum set.
  203. There are post-it's in every single one of your textbooks with random band URLs to their myspace. Whoever gets you textbooks next year is going to be busy.
  204. Your facebook statuses are all song verses.
  205. You can never decide between using 'ft.' and 'feat.'
  206. There are at least five songs you absolutely MUST turn up as loud as they go every time you hear them.
  207. You've decided concerts should be illegal on school nights, cuz if you miss ONE MORE Mayday Parade/There For Tomorrow concert, there will be some genuine school-cutting going on.
  208. Your friend yelling, "Set It Off white rapist van with a thing on the top!" Has given you whiplash from turning around so fast to look.
  209. Set It Off and Breathe Electric are perfectly acceptable to use for describing colors, as in, "Did you see that girl's shoe laces?" "No." "They were Breathe Electric Blue." "I WANT SOME! That's AWESOME!"
  210. If someone were to ask what your special talent was, it'd be finding bands that live on the opposite side of the country/continent/world that you'll probably never get to see live.
  211. You wrote a bunch of these down at strange hours of the night, and couldn't read them when you woke up in the morning.
  212. The 'outgoing email' signature on your email is a quite from Elliot James or another band person.
  213. Symphonysoldier.com, friendsorenemies.com and themusicobsession.com are among your most visited websites. They probably *would* be your top visited if you didn't have a facebook.
  214. You've reread this list at least six times making sure you didn't miss anything interesting and/or have no suggestions.
  215. You can't watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince without thinking of CJ.
  216. Your concert wristband collection has too many to count.
  217. All your wristbands are dated, with band names and venues, and stabbed into your bulletin board in the spot where it's sticky so the wristband stays on. They're among the first things you'd save in a fire.
  218. The only thing you ever talked about with your debate partner was bands.
  219. Your first conversation with said debate partner went, "I love your shirt.""You know them?""Yeah." "Did you see them last time they were here?""No, I was grounded.""That really sucks." "I KNOW! I cried." "Have you ever heard of..."
  220. You have selective hearing and pick up names like, "Alex," "Jack," "Kyle," etc., very quickly.
  221. There was hysterical screaming the first time you heard Hello Brooklyn because your last name, street, and city are in it. Jack, if this is a hint you want to marry me, I accept.
  222. You want to record My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure's song Voicemail for your voicemail, because it's more exciting than the recorded, "You have reached the voicemail of -insert phone number here-. Please leave a message after the beep."
  223. If you can't think of the name of someone in a band, you've learned your best bet is Alex, because for some reason, there are a lot of people named Alex in bands.
  224. You know that three AM comments never work out well. I once got one that was randomly, "CAKE," one that was like, "oh it's okay, it means a lot you checked us out anyway," (please note I've never talked to either of these bands.) (and the 'oh it's okay' band was really good too. They will no longer comment you back.)
  225. You know you've listened to a song too much when you're listening to it with one headphone, and it's one of the songs that has a part that's only in one ear (7 minutes in Heaven (Atavan Halen), for example, 2:08-2:29) And you're singing along, and get the part that's in the other headphone right even though you can't hear it. And it's actually not even words.
  226. The best deal you've ever made was trading someone a shirt for Van Concert Series Part 2.
  227. Your Set It Off bracelet was bought off of the merch guy's wrist because they were out. Your friend has Austin's. (Andrew, by the way, whatever cologne you use smells amazing lol your bracelet smells like it...)
  228. The best bribes are not money or influential jobs, but cupcakes. (but buying Baskin Robbins works pretty well too.)
  229. Among the 27 people that have given up on trying to teach you to blow a bubble with your gum are 2 of the 5 guys from Set It Off and Andrew.
  230. As opposed to talking about lights for the play, you and the (very attractive.) guy on spotlights talked about the Alesana concert you were both missing. His first words to you the next day were, "HEY GUESS WHAT! I HAVE SUPER EXCITING NEWS FOR YOU! ALESANA IS PLAYING WARPED TOUR!"
  231. You definitely caught him staring in Spanish the next day, after he found out you were an Alesana fan.
  232. You talked about vegetarian celebrites in Culinary, and the first person you came up with was Gabe Saporta.
  233. Your VitaminWater spilled all over the inside of your purse, and your first thought was not, "NO! MY NEW PHONE!" or "NO! THE $200 GRAPHING CALCULATOR!" but "MY IPOD!!!"
  234. You write 'I GET TO' across your wrist every day.
  235. You have a new best friend going in the comments below because she somehow knows someone who knows someone who knows Danger Radio (or something like that.)
  236. You know most of Rocky Loves Emily is waaaaaaaaaay too tall to hug comfortably. Either that or you're just really short. But your head definitely doesn't come up to Ryan's shoulders. Either way it's uncomfortable.
  237. However, the back of your poster they signed now says that you "are cooler than anything (true story.)" And you don't know whether to hang it so everyone can see the back or the front that they signed.
  238. Rocky Loves Emily also got very excited when they found out you knew Set It Off too. "Those are our boys! Guys, they know Set It Off!"
  239. You do sudukos and highlight the 143s
  240. You walked into chemistry and saw on the board 'lab 27. be ready for tomorrow' and read There For Tomorrow.
  241. You also got Breathe Electric out of '23" electric fireplace.'
  242. Every time you see the trucking company Maines, you contemplate getting a can of spraypaint and crossing off the S.
  243. The wash machine in culinary has a really good beat going
  244. Everyone time someone yells "Hey!" you go "Can you say Oh! That's right, what do you want from me?"
  245. You sorta had a moment when you noticed Forever The Sickest Kids did the song for the Nerf commercial. You now watch lots and lots of TV just so you can sing along to the entire thirty seconds of What Do You Want From Me.
  246. Almost every store you walk past at the mall has an inside joke with some band. "You have a good amount of hair." "I'm likin' the short shorts." and whenever you walk past a Forever 21, whoever's closest to the door gets tackled inside.
  247. The VelocirapTour. Most. Epic. Tour. Name. Ever.
  248. You were learning about Variations in Algebra and kept writing Y=kthx instead of y=kxz
  249. You really just want to know what kthx is.
  250. The Academy Is'...drummer drunk dancing. No more to say.
  251. The proper and immediate response when someone says to you, "you're a liar," is "you don't need to breathe."
  252. Anyone who doesn't believe how terrified of blood you are can ask Pete. Or how not-good you are with stories about piercings can go find Cody.
  253. Driving down Kennedy Street had you singing Kill Hannah
  254. The first thing you thought of when you saw a sign for Ripley Street was Guy Ripley.
  255. You know who Guy Ripley is.
  256. In the notes section of your phone, almost every single one of them is one of the following- songs to get, bands to look up, more things to add to this list, or directions to a venue.
  257. You've decided the only thing Maryland is good for is All Time Low and the occasional Waffle House.
  258. You also drove down Father Hurley highway in Maryland and thought of Andy from Fall Out Boy.
  259. Your uncle's friend (or something like that) is your best friend and just doesn't know yet because she at some point was going out with someone from Def Leppard.
  260. You got an email from Pac Sun and had a heart attack because the subject was "Your Favorite Bands Are Here." Upon closer reading, you realized that it actually said your favorite brands were there. You were no longer quite as excited.
  261. You sorta kinda maybe a little bit spammed the Six Flags facebook page asking when they were annoucing the concert dates, because you got a little tiny bit tired of 'COMING SOON' because last time you checked, 'soon' was NOT 2 months.
  262. You can turn on the Local101 radio show in the middle of an interview and you know exactly what band they're talking to, because as soon as they announce their next show, you just look at your calendar. Then, the 'new' song they play for the 'first time ever' you've already heard. Live.
  263. You wave at every radio station car you pass.
  264. You go home after shows and listen to the same band you just saw, just to see if they're better live or not. Danger Is My Middle Name sounds exactly the same. It's awesome.
  265. You've seen bands you don't even like 2 or more times just because they opened for someone you loved.
  267. You still can't figure out what NeverShoutNever said before his Beatles cover. Your friend heard "The Beatles are all the rage in China," you heard "The Beatles are the reason I'm easy," and your other friend won't tell you what he heard.
  268. You know that will bother you for a long, long, long time.
  269. Whenever you don't want to go somewhere, you tell the person you're vegan.
  270. If you want NeverShoutNever to write a song about you, you have to have "beautiful hands" and serve very large veggie burgers with waffle fries.
  271. Then again, everyone likes waffle fries.
  272. Every Avenue ranting about how amazing Chicago hot dogs are caused you to write a note telling them to go to Gene and Judes, and talk your friend into throwing it on stage. You lost 30 cents in this process, because paper doesn't fly well on it's own, so you put a quarter and a nickel in there. Your friend you talked into throwing said note didn't let go fast enough, and it ended up hitting the person 2 people in front of you. They didn't notice. Amen for mosh pits.
  273. You call your friend a World War. Adam started it.
  274. You also keep her away from Cubs fans because they might get tackled as in, "Ew you're a Sox fan?" "Yeah." -you high five Adam.- -friend glares- "Keith is a Cubs fan. -Adam points at Keith-" "Can I go hug him?" "If you want to. KEITH!" -gets tackled by your friend- "Well, I tried to warn him." -Adam shrugs-
  275. Your biggest regret is walking past like, five bands after the AP tour, and not looking at what they were passing out until you were in the car. You walked past The Born Ready. You love them. One of them laughed at you because you fell up the curb, then proceeded to tell everyone behind you to be careful.
  276. You were watching 2 1/2 Men and Charlie said "Let's get outta here," and you broke out into song, "We gotta go where we have no worries..."
  277. Charlie's quote above is also properly capitalized in your head, as in, Let's Get Outta Here.
  278. You were doing your Spanish project, and needed to know how to say jail. Your phone died, so you couldn't ask your friend that was fluent, so you Googled it, which came up with 2 results- cárcel and prisión. You weren't really sure which one to pick, so you picked cárcel because it was closer to Cartel.
  279. Apparently, you picked the right one. Cartel look alikes FTW
  280. You were talking about how waiters abbreviate words in culinary, and instead of reading CS as chicken salad or whatever, you read Cobra Starship.
  281. Then EP went from Entree-Pasta to Extended Play. Which is apparently what EP stands for.
  282. You love the Zumiez at your mall because there's a wall people just keep putting stickers on and there's sooooooo many band stickers.
  283. I's have been written as '!' on more than one occasion.
  284. The only way you remember that sine (abbreviated as sin) goes with secant (csc) is because the C goes with the S and you think Cobra Starship.
  285. You had Aesthetic as a vocab word and you wrote 'The Scene' above it. That's one of the few words you remembered on the test.
  286. The kid you were babysitting had to read a little magazine called Time For Kids. The back cover had it abbreviated as TFK and you sat there for a few minutes and wondered why there was no A, then realized they probably weren't reading about The Fastest Kid Alive. Or The Fastest Kid.
  287. You're reading/editing/mentally adding to this list instead of finishing your finals study guides.
  288. You have post-it notes with band URLs in all your text books, so whoever gets your textbooks next year is going to have a very interesting read ahead of them.
  289. You stood in line with 2 of the guys from Aside of Eden for 3 1/2 hours at Six Flags, just you, 2 friends, and them (which is a story in itself). But it happened.
  290. You went to a concert wearing your SuperFan shirt from the football team at school and found about three other bands that all went to your school, and they were all very excited you were there.
  291. Even though the only band anyone knows that went to your school is The Natural and possibly maybe The Hush Sound. (But since you're thinking about it now, AM PM and weekend fm [no caps] are definitely pretty good)
  292. You risked your entire summer vacation and your chance of ever seeing sunlight until you're 18 to go to a concert. THEN you didn't even get to see the band you wanted to see play because you had to leave to make it back to your friend's house by the time your dad got there.
  293. Your dad was watching the news, and all you heard was "Consider this," And your brain finished, "The bitterest goodbye. Kiss mine."
  294. You drove past a billboard advertising something that ended in FOREVER in really big letters, and you read Forever The Sickest Kids. It's official you have a problem.
  295. You write out songs in class when you get bored.
  296. You and your friends have a sign language used only at concerts, and can communicate just about anything, including "He stares like a rapist."
  297. Your little brother's friends came over talking all loud about all the things they'd done with their skateboards and stared at you the entire time, obviously trying to impress you. You mentioned A Day To Remember and all of a sudden, all they talked about was ADTR and Flyleafand how much they loved them. Which would be cool...If they weren't 12.
  298. Your first conversation with Searching Streetlights went like this: "The Hawks game is 1-1. We're keeping you updated because Corey was bitching me out on facebook about how they su.." "Oh! You! He talks about you!!" And you really weren't sure if that was a good thing or not, so you instead started talking about how when you got to the door, the conversation with the ticket girl went, "Who are you here for?""Searching Streetlights." "Who?""Search...Umm..Swing The Coast." "Oh, okay." and then Josh got all excited, "Dude, that was like, a really long time ago when we were Searching Streetlights!"
  299. There are some songs you have to sing even the guitar part for.
  300. You were listening to a song and whatever your neighbor dropped outside sorta fell in time with the song and it kinda made your day.
  301. You have an on-going radio station in your head.
  302. Shows were your Friday night hang out spot.
  303. The guy that smashed you in the head in the pit is now your best friend.
  304. Being crushed at the bottom of a giant sing-a-long is your favorite memory. (302-304 from With The Punches Myspace)
  305. The one and only time your boyfriend has ever yelled at you was three months ago, when - after he'd learnt Goodnight Moon by Go Radio on the piano [he plays guitar] - you sighed wistfully and said 'I love you Jason'. His name isn't Jason. It's not even close.
  306. You really hope the people from 305 are still together, because that's really cool :]
  307. One of the biggest fights you've ever gotten in with your best friend was over a signed drumstick.
  308. You ended up giving it back to her because she threatened to tell your mom that you went to the concert instead of being at your friend's house like you said.
  309. Then she felt bad and gave it back again.
  310. You found out that drummers smell okay after a set, and even if you hug them and then you end up with wet spots from all their sweat (think you give them ahug and you're like in effect wringing out their shirt for them) [you're welcomeBenji], then you leave your flannel you were wearing in your car over night, it doesn't smell as pretty in the morning.
  311. And it still doesn't smell good after you wash it, either.
  312. The "If anyone brings me -something- on tour" tweets are actually true. You found that out after you got someone Kool Aid Jammers juice boxes (last box.)and then, mid-someone else's set, got the, -awkwardly taps on shoulder- -turns around- "THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! -hug tackles-"
Click here for part 2!!!


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