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A Few Good Ways to Tell When Music Has Taken Over Your Life PART 2

Essay By: swimFire

Part 2. We came up with too many reasons on part one and it stopped letting me add anymore.

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I had to start the numbering over again, because I'm not typing out the number each time, it's on the numbered list thing. So add 312 to whatever number you're on for the real number.

Click here for part 1
  1. Casually breakin' out the animal rubberbands in front of someone you kinda sorta maybe a lot want to talk to but don't want to say hi to first is super efficient. "What do you have?!"
  2. They're also good for getting someone to stop trying to convince you to buy their EP that you reallllly don't want. "Oooh! Can I have one? I love getting a bunch from everyone I meet. They're really cool!"
  3. Coolest project ever was someone was trying to get to a thousand high fives by the end of the tour. He had 20 to go. You wanted to be his best friend.
  4. All your away messages on AIM are song verses, like "I'm coming back--blessthefall," or "Time out, but keep the cameras rolling.---The Cab"
  5. You were talking to someone, and she was talking about how her friend turns everything into music and it gets kind of annoying. You fail to see how that could potentially be a problem.
  6. Your uncle came over to take you driving (they're more excited about you having your permit than you are), and you were extremely close to making him wait ten minutes so you could try to win the Warped Tour tickets, but your mom wouldn't let you.
  7. You got 3 hours of sleep in the last 29 hours and when you finally went to bed (and were asleep before your head hit the pillow), you still got up at 7:30 in the morning to try and win Warped Tour Tickets.
  8. One of your favorite bands was supposed to do an acoustic set at the Hot Topic at your mall, but cancelled because they got signed to Tooth & Nail Records and so were off recording something somewhere, and you really weren't sure if you were super excited they got signed, or miserable because you didn't get to see them.
  9. It took you less than a year to fill up an entire Booksie "essay" with this list, and you had to move on to part 2.
  10. You've read all of part 1. That's dedication there.
  11. The only way you ever remembered anything in your exams was because you changed the words to all your favourite Mayday Parade, All Time Low and All-American Rejects songs to equations and Catcher in the Rye quotes. (And dear whoever suggested this because I can't see my comments, I copy and pasted this and just now noticed there's a u in favorite. You just made my day :] haha)
  12. You may have also been caught singing in the super quiet room.
  13. Spanish 2 has to do a unit about all the Spanish-speaking countries and capitals, and your teacher showed everyone a rap on youtube with all the countries and capitals, and during the test, you could hear everyone singing it under their breath.
  14. You were the first to plot and actually throw a bra/shirt at Ryan Ross and Jon Walker on their first tour.
  15. You have kept things that were thrown at you by artists just because it was touched by them.
  16. You're really not sure what to do with the Sharpies you kept that someone used to sign something, because now that the band broke up, you really don't need them anymore, seeing as you don't even think they talk to each other anymore and it's really not any chance of a reunion ANYTHING.
  17. Your friend's guitar teacher once opened for Fall Out Boy when no one knew who they were, but they were all apparently so high they don't remember it. End quote.
  18. Someone in that band also apparently liked Joe Trohman's girlfriend and so randomly hung out in his apartment a lot. End quote again.
  19. You've noticed a lot of the bands you're friends with/have had intelligent conversations with tend to enjoy food they can't afford, like Panera, and Chipotle and Portillo's (which you don't know about unless you're from northern Illinois, but you should come up here and check it out, because I promise you won't regret it.).
  20. You cleaned off your desk and found your CDs outnumbered your computer games at least three to one.
  21. The vast majority of groups you join on Facebook are band's pages
  22. You've reached the point that most of the free download playlists are all songs you have.
  23. Whenever you make cookies that you have to mix the dough with your hands, you try to only use one hand, so if necessary, you have one clean hand to change the song playing on your iPod.
  24. You played Zoo Tycoon a few days ago and named all the animals & zookeepers after bands or songs.
  25. Mosh pits. All fun and games until someone sprays chocolate syrup into them. Yes. Chocolate syrup. When it's 90+ outside, and it dries instantly, and trust me, there are few things stickier than that.
  26. You only know how to spell scandalous because of Cobra Starship. "S-C-A-N-D to the A to the L-O-U-S,can't handle it, can't handle it, damn, that girl she's scandalous!"
  27. You stopped speaking to your best friends and the only thing one of them wanted back from you was the drumstick (see part 1.)
  28. The hashtag most used on your twitter account is #np (now playing)
  29. Your default picture on Booksie or any other website is a song verse.
  30. You never actually tell people to "turn off the lights," "turn on the lights," or "get the lights," but to "Hit The Lights."
  31. It's sorta kinda awkward to change clothes in your room because you have so many band posters.
  32. You took the train downtown, and the three guys next to you were having a really loud discussion about how one guy's bass was getting down there and where Ryan's drum set was and what time was someone else getting there and are you SURE he got his guitar? And you kick yourself every day for not asking what band they were in.
  33. You love, love, love your job on the school newspaper cuz you're in charge of the Bands You Should Know section.
  34. You love being home alone cuz you can turn the 3oh!3 up as loud as you want and not have your mother and dad going "what ARE you listening to?"
  35. You also need to make a Parent-Friendly Playlist ASAP
  36. The first thing you're buying for your car (assuming you ever get your license, and then hopefully maybe a car) is going to be an iPod cord to connect it to the radio.
  37. Every time you see the words Patent Pending, you don't think of it like a normal person would, you just think of the band Patent Pending.
  38. You're getting glasses cuz you can't see far away, but you're like a -.5 in both eyes, so you tell people you're Barely Blind. They smile, nod, and don't realize you're thinking of it being capitalized.
  39. You sorta kinda maybe a little bit asked out the guy you like by asking him to the Every Avenue show downtown...and it definitely woulda worked if he hadn't been going out of state.
  40. There's some songs you like so well you can sing them and write something else at the same time.
  41. You were taking notes and wrote that Andrew Henry and William Ashley founded Rocky Loves Emily in 1822, as opposed to the Rocky Mountain Fur Company
  42. Your school's doing a bands you should know section for the newspaper. You volunteered for this because you thought it'd be awesome, then realized that it meant yougot to talk to the kid from #39 because he's friends with pretty much everyone and you maybe kinda sorta like him.
  43. You were excited about that until he called you a liability, which is a long story you don't want to get into.
  44. You've listened to songs on repeat for hours to figure out what the back up singers were saying.
  45. Said guy from #42 and you were having a discussion about bands, and you asked about the one band that went to your school that everyone knows that's actually pretty big, and he was like "yeah, one of them still goes to (school!) I'm friends with him!" and you were like, "oh, that's cool, who?" and it turns out it's the really quiet kid next to you in psychology.
  46. You thought said guy from #45 was lying until you went and creeped on the band's Facebook. He wasn't, and the band's guitarist is, indeed, the guy next to you in psych.
  47. If his band ever makes it big, you will* be hunting them down & telling Joe that you want your name in the CD thank yous for the pencils you gave him for the psych tests.
  48. You lie whenever you talk to people on Omegle, and they go "so what are you doing?" and you could be doing absolutely nothing besides talking to them, but you tell them you're listening to music just so you can talk about your favorite bands.
  49. Danger Is your Middle Name.
  50. You went to a concert mostly because you loved the headlining band, but because you wanted to apologize to the co-headlining band's guitarist for screaming at him a few months ago. He didn't remember that happening, but you felt better.
  51. It kinda made your day that one of the guys from Panic! At The Disco is from 5 minutes away from your house.
  52. Except you're marginally confused, because he apparently didn't go to your high school, or at the very least didn't make the Notable Alumni thing your school's got going.
  53. You were looking for math pictures for another list on here and found this picture and just had to put it in here. You think it'd be very cool.alt
  54. You, just like everyone else in the world, can only spell bananas if you sing it. "B-ANAN-A-S! THIS...IS BANANAS!"
  55. You woke up to a text from the kid in #46 saying the guy in one of your favorite bands proposed to his girlfriend last night and now he's engaged and you were super happy the rest of the day, but you're not sure if it's because it's always lovely to wake up to a text from the guy you like or because Sean's engaged.
  56. You're unnatural amounts of grateful for your Breathe Carolina CD case, because it's fantastic for killing spiders with.
  57. You've found songs that make even walking down the hallway at school epic.
  58. Whenever sad songs come on the radio, you stare out the window like you're in a movie (credit to random Facebook group for this)
  59. Second semester started, and it definitely made your day when Joe (see #46/47)is once again in your class. However, due to his last name & yours being nowhere close to each other, you don't sit anywhere near each other anymore.
  60. Thanks to The Guy You Like That's Friends With Every Band On The Face Of The Earth, you know EXACTLY which restaurant all the bands hang out at before/after shows. Especially if they aren't super well known & aren't from the area.
  61. You wrote an essay in English and you were so proud of yourself you got your favorite band worked in as a relevant example.
  62. You have way too much fun trying to figure out what Fall Out Boy's song titles mean.
  63. You dropped your textbook in time with a big bang in a song and it made your day. Then you walked into your ex best friend & that kind of ruined it.
  64. You were creeping on someone's Wikipedia page and found out he's from the next town over, and depending on which side of town he lived on, might've went to your high school.
  65. You're convinced the guy down the block is ina band because there's this white van that looks like a van a band would have that randomly disappears for long periods of time. Plus, he's extremely attractive.
  66. The only time you ever have good reflexes or fast reaction times is in relation to your falling iPod.
  67. The football players with bracelets for "The Academy" confuse you to no end because you think it should be The Academy Is....
  68. Your iPod's harddrive crashed, you had to spend 18 hours a day without it, and didn't know what to do with yourself.
  69. The debate between your and your friends about the Farro brothers leaving Paramore resulted in what may be the world's longest Facebook conversation.

This looks super pathetic so far, so someone better come up with some more. ASAP. Go. Think. Now.


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