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Mike Stone's Cook/Bake Off

Miscellaneous By: ana jester

Tags: Humor, Cartoon

This is one of my cartoon works. This is from my comic book/cartoon titled Mike Stone.

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"Mike Stone's Cook/Bake Off" copyright 8-12-09 Chapter 1:" Signup/Goat Cheese" It is Friday morning at school. Mike and Bob are in the hall reading a poster. Mike: Did you read that about the contest. I can finally make my bologna and cheddar cheese sandwich!! Heehee!! Bob: Uh, I am sure they want stuff like pastas and cakes, and other stuff. Mike: Aww. I never get to show off my sandwich recipe. Bob: Well, you can always make it, just... Like mini ones. Like appetizers or whatever they're called. With different cheeses! Mike: Even better. I can use goat cheese. Bob: And I can make my peanut butter cookies- Or! Make oatmeal cookies and then make my own frosting! Meanwhile, principal Al Fardon is looking over the list of who's all participating. Al Fardon: Alright, let's see who's gonna be participating to represent our school. The list reads Bob, Sandra and her uncles Devon and Norman, Mike and his uncle Howard. Al Fardon: Oh no, Mike Stone. Oh well. As long as he don't embarrass the school. Later the list is out in the hall reading their names and also the school that's going against them, Wyler High School. reading the following names; Mali Winder, Stephen and Amy McDrow, Susette Crusette, Jerry Robinson, and Farrah Crusette. Sandra: Huh... I wonder if Mike's gonna make his Bologna and Cheddar Double sandwich. Bob: Are we gonna practice? Mike: Yep. And we're gonna practice at whoever has the biggest kitchen. Later after school they are at Devon's house. Chapter2: " Meet Devon Slayevezz" Mike: I brought your uncle Butterfingers. The extra crunchy ones. Uncle Howard: I am ready to cook. I brought my book. It now has coffee stains on it. Bob: I didn't bring anything. Uh, Sandra, is your uncle mean? Sandra: Nope. He's as nice as a harmless pit bull. The kitchen is almost as big as 2 1/2 living rooms. Right Uncle Norman? Norman: Psh! NICE. You should've seen him when we were younger. Slammed me into a glass table. But now I'm stronger... He's still tough though. After knocking, Devon opens the door and looks at them. Devon: AHH!!!! He slams the door shut. Norman: Hey! Idiot, it's your brother. And niece and some other people. Devon now opens the door and greets each of them. Sandra: Uncle Devon! Norman: Devon, you and your wild hair. Devon: Hello San. And my 2nd oldest brother. I like my wild hair. So, yeah. But come in everyone and let's begin to cook. Chapter3: " Practice/the Argument" 4 hours pass and they practice by letting one of them be the judge. Devon: I will be the judge. He goes to Bob. Bob: Keylime Pie. Devon: Bland. And 10% sweet, 90% lime. He goes to Howard. Uncle Howard: Jalapeno sauce. Devon: Very spicy. It is okay... okee. After burning his throat, he goes to Sandra. Devon: Splendid, San. My only niece cooks just like her uncle. Me not the other one. Sandra: Thank you, Uncle Devon. He goes to his brother. Devon: That just plain sucked. Norman:... You spoil Sandra too much. He goes to Mike. Devon: Did you use Goat Cheese? Mike: Ha! You noticed. And now the final one. Devon: Shrimp Alfredo... Eh, good! Not great. Devon: Good not "Great"?! C'mon, I am protesting this Cookoff until I get a Great! Devon: Well, now I am just gonna give you a huge "F". Og jeg skal hugger dit skæg som en form for at sige "Du er ude'. *Translation: And I shall cut off your beard as a form of saying 'You're out'. Devon:AHH!! Not my beard, hadjiss!!!!!!*Translation: Please!!!!!!* everyone's looking at him confusingly, except Sandra Sandra: Uhh... my uncle has the habit of arguing with himself in foreign languages, heehee. Norman: Devon, that was both entertaining and disturbing. Devon: Apparently that judge is pretty tough. Chapter 4: "Contest Day" The day of the contest, Al Fardon is passing by the principal of their rivaling school. Al Fardon: Wyler High School. Jacob Jenx: Jersey City High School. Now the judge makes his announcement. Markus .W.: Good day, I am Markus Winterkowzki. Two schools are competing here to help their school win a large amount of money, $79,000, to help get more equipment, school buses, and other stuff. So, let's begin and have fun! Wyler's flipping pizza dough and making sushi, one girl is putting make up on and the other's talking on the phone. Farrah: Yuh. I am stuck at this dumb cook off. But, *sighes* oh well... Jerry Robinson: Get off the phone Farrah! Susette, stop the make up work!- Argh!! AM I THE ONLY ONE DOING ALL THE WORK AROUND HERE??!! Meanwhile, Jersey City's not starting off right. Mike:... That one guy is surprisingly scary! Bob: He looks just like my dad... and yells like him. Sandra: Guys! the contest, we need help! Uncle Howard's looking up at his hair with a worried look. Uncle Howard: Someone got dough in my hair. Oh boy... Norman's busy cooking and Devon's looking around. Devon: Huh... Where'd my dough go? about 2 hours later, everyone's done cooking and baking. The judge is ready to begin. He goes to wyler first. Markus: The pizza dough is stale, sauce is still cold and the pepperoni's look more like box cut outs. The sushi is good. He now goes to Mike and them. Mike: I'm too nervous. Wait, nevermind. I just had to burp. Markus: The sauce is mild and very garlicky. Oatmeal cookies are great. He tries a sandwich. Markus:... Is that swiss and goat cheese? Mike: Hee! He noticed. Markus: Lasagna... is very italian. Devon: I'm not Italian, but I am part middle eastern and native american. Norman: Idiot. Markus: My judging is done here! I proclaim that, the following school wins. Jersey City. But Wyler also gets a prize as well, $1,000. Jersey City, $79,000. Thank you everyone for showing up and supporting your school. Feel free to enjoy the dishes they have prepared. Al Fardon: Did we win? Did Mike embarrass us? Why am I still here?! Mike: Wow, I just noticed something. He turns to Bob. Mike: What if that dude over there is another kid your dad had? Bob:Uh oh. That could be a problem. Mike: Yeah... you'd have a brother instead of a sister. If you want a sister you can have Karen. Bob: Nope, she's not cool. Chapter 5: "Ending" Jerry: So, Mike, did you win? Mike: Yep! Uncle Howard still has dough in his hair. Jerry: Ha! Uncle Howard: Ha to you to Jerry. Jerry: Why? Jerry reaches around in his hair and comes across gum. Jerry: AHH!!!! THE END dated: 8-12-09 (c) by: Ariana Torralba


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