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Mike Stone's Month of Howard

Miscellaneous By: ana jester

Note: This is a part from my actual cartoons that i create myself. Just letting you know.

For a whole month, Sherise(Mike's mom), Jerry(Mike's dad), Jim(Mike's uncle), Mike(main character), and Karen(Mike's sister) dare Howard(Mike's uncle) to go to school with Mike and Karen for a whole month to see if he can actually make it through school.

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The Characters in this one:

Mike Stone, Karen, Jerry, Sherise, Uncle Howard, Mervin, Jim, all the school kids

Mike: Uncle Howard, could you help me on my Homework? I only got Calculus, G- well, let's say work from the begining of the year.

Karen: Although I know you've got the I.Q. of Mike, I'm asking you to help me on my English 2.

Sherise: Ahh, Karen and Mike, don't say that to Howard. That's an insult to him.

Jerry: Don't worry, Howard's a school dropout.

Howard: I may be but it don't mean I'm dumb.

Sherise: Wait! You dropped out? HAHAHAHA!!!! No wonder you're the way you are- it is an insult and I love it!!

Karen: Oh my god! Mom, are you sure Mike's dad isn't Howard?!

Sherise:(stops laughing) Yes, I'm sure.

Jerry: Howard, you should've finished school. Marko, Jim, and I finished and we turned out Great.

Howard: Great as in Marko losing out on nine jobs in two weeks, Jim losing out on work, and you marrying one of the ugliest Carrot Top like girls in Jersey City?

Jim: Ya know, I dare you Howard to go to school and see how long you last.

Sherise: Yeah!

Jerry: Yeah, go!

Sherise: With Mike and-mph!- Karen!!

Sherise, Jerry, Jim: HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Mike: Don't worry Uncle Howard, I'm on your side.

Howard: Thanks, and I will go to school! *turns* Karen...what's your English 2 over?

Karen:" Romeo and Juliet."

Jerry: Good God!! Karen, look at who you're asking about a Shakespeare play about romance. He's still single!

Sherise, Jerry, JIm: HAHAHA!!!

Howard:...I hate you guys.

Later at the School

Al Fardon: Okay, you want to come to school here? What grade did you drop out in?

Howard: Let's see.That grade- I don't remeber. Can't I just switch from class and grade like: 1st hour 6th grade Math, 2nd hour 11th grade Business, 3rd hour 2nd grade Readin'.

Al Fardon: I get it. I'll just put you in... *shows his class schedules*

Howard: Well, son of a-

Al Fardon: No cussing!!

Howard: Dumplin' eatin' bull. *silence, Al Fardon sighes*

Howard: Crap.

Al Fardon: Hey!!

Next Day(Wednesday)

John: I heard Howard's coming to school with us now. What grade's he in?

Mike: Our grade!! Now our teachers will actually believe there can be another Mike Stone in their classes. Well except my twin Is A Man, but he's mean. Howard and I are alike.

Joseph: Yep...Too much alike. It's scary if you think about it though.

John: But funny.Heheha!!

Mervin: So now, Mike has another family member here? Good for ya, Mike, good for you.

Later in Chemistry

Mr. Vandeliz: Now, class. Today we got a new student. Welcome Mr. Howard Stone. Please tell us about you.

Howard: Well. I'm Mike's uncle. I work as a mechanic, was in the Special Forces as a Sergeant, i also drink, sleep, and don't like my sister in law. You met Mike's mom then you'll know what I mean.

Mike: Hmm. I see...*yells* You're smart Uncle Howard!!

Sue: Yep, they are like so definetly the same.


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