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Unusual Women

By: aruntp

Page 1, Malkheejs humor is one of the best to read to have a fresh morning.

Malkheej Singh has celebrated his 50th birthday. All those years that has passed he was alone and he even doesn’t try to touch a woman to satisfy his needs. Every Sunny day he only dreams of satisfying his sexual needs. The stress and pressure on the psyche have few displacing behavior on Malkheej’s own psyche. He started to satisfy his sexual impulse by putting dresses of women in dark night hours. For he purchased Bra, Panties and other accessories from the shop; or even tried to stole from his neighbor’s house.

Obsession in becoming a full time Transvestic fetish has been overwhelming Malkheej. But he never went to a mental professional. He also became voyeuristic, for it he made a hole on the wall to see the neighbor women’s half naked body. But she never became half naked. The hole was closed for ever. After his birthday Malkheejs mind became compelled to go as a Transvestic Fetish.

One Evening consciously put a women’s dress and Malkheej walked around dark corners of the street. After a few minutes of walking, in a corner few persons where sitting drinking liquor. They noticed a woman passing and were hypnotized by her beauty, and they planned to rape. They followed and took Malkheej inside a room with great strength and brutally attempted to rape. Shouted Malkheej in agony. “Stop” “ Enquire who I am..then rape” (putting tears) “or else you all won’t go for raping next time” sat Malkheej crying.


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