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By: dibbledabble

Page 1, Firstly, apologies to all cat lovers, the product DOES NOT exist, except in the minds of discruntled gardeners who spend there time turning more than the soil over in their flower beds.

Introducing the latest must have automated garden gadget


Feed up of next doors moggie using your prize petunia beds as their latrine

Do you wretch for the garden hose, only to mow down your dahlias but miss the cat?

You need the triple coil action of Cat-O-Sault

Grin like, yes a Cheshire cat. As you return that pesky feline from whence it came.

Our clever solar heat pad makes it an irresistible spot to squat!

Concealed amongst the foxgloves Cat-O-Sault’s ingenious design will summersault your unwelcome visitor harmlessly into space. Or back over the fence.

Three simple cranks of the Cat-O-Sault handle and you are ready for lift off!

9 out of 10 cat owners say their neighbours find Cat-O-Sault more satisfying than other leading cat propulsion systems on the market.

So don’t delay Place your order today!

Fully tested and certified by cats like fairground rides too. During trials all cats gain the required height for paws down landings. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to calibrate all directional and angle setting. No claims will be considered for damaged to Green Houses or other fragile erection. Please check your local neighbourhood for koi ponds or similar. Fine tuning instructions are available at . Warning! Cat-O-Sault is designed solely for the removal of cats. Do not sit on Cat-O-Sault one primed. Unless you like that kind of thing!

Cat-O-Sault is a register trade mark of The Doggy-Poop-Shoot Company.

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