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New Wife

By: dibbledabble

Page 1, Sorry Mike I had to have a shot at being the ad man. Sorry to all the romantics, Obi, Foxglove, Bob,Charli. Just for fun, I\'m not bitter!! Really!

New Wife

The new must have fragrance for men!

Fed up with trying to score but something is not quite right? 

Does your current endorphin load scent not send the ladies wild?

Try New improved Wife. The same as the old one but more so!

The sickly sweet aroma of used diapers, the subtle bouquet of burnt carbon

This is eau de toilette at its best.  Yes that is French for the odour of the toilet!

Only $1000 a tonne! 

This unique fragrance will not attract the ladies.  But it will remind you why you really don’t want too!

New Wife, a lot cheaper per tonne than well, a new wife!

You know it makes sense!

Cash or any alcoholic beverage accepted

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