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Fed Up (A Villain's Monologue)

By: Express Yourself

Page 1, This was a project we had to do in a writing camp where we had to write a villain\'s monologue.

Fine.  I kidnapped this Amelia kid, but I have a good reason.  I didn’t always murder kids, you know.  I actually used to be a preschool teacher.  I loved kids.  Then one day a class rebelled against me.  One kid stood up on a chair and said that I was the worst teacher in the world, then BAM!  The place turned into chaos.  Everyone seemed to turn into these giant monsters attacking me.  I got hit with paper airplanes, and called rude names that I don’t even know how the kids picked up.  That day, I changed.  I hated kids.  I couldn’t bear to look at them without screaming my head off.  I wanted to strangle every one of their little necks.  Finally, I couldn’t bear it.  I gathered some of my fellow teachers who had the same hatred of kids, and came up with a plan.  We planned to get rid of every child that walked the earth.  So we started.  One by one, we made the little bodies disappear.  They were all too weak to do anything about it.  No one could ever stop us…  (beat)  Okay, so maybe I kidnapped a super hero along the way.

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