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Random Funny Events (Trips Edition)

Miscellaneous By: Hugs and kisses

A special thank you to Spaxx who helped me write and think of the MANY events here! So THANK YOU!

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1)Peeps involved: Penny and me

So I was climbing up a log to ask Penny how to make a lanyard. Penny just turned around when my lanyard string whipped her in the face. Obviously she was like, "Hey! That hurt!" And then she saw that I was tumbling down the small hill the log was on. Everyone was all worried and saying stuff like "OMG Mona! Are you ok?" but when I reached the bottom I just popped up and started laughing and so did everyone else.

2) Peeps involved: Arthur

We were camping with our school and Arthur is a huge neat freak. He's always worried about germs and health and stuff. So, one thing he packed was a water purifier and would attach it to the spicket (you know the tap thing where water comes out) every time he needed water. When the teachers tried to take the water purifier away from them he was like, "No! It keeps me alive!"

3) Peeps involved: Owen and Lynn

For a class trip we went to Japan. Owen and Lynn were sitting on the bus together and Lynn saw this big purple button. She said "Hey I wonder what that does!" Then by accident she actually pressed the button. When she pressed it this loud horn thing blared through the bus and the bus driver pulled over on the side of the road. Lynn was so embarrassed and was shrinking down in her seat and all Owen could say was "I am not taking the blame; I am NOT taking the blame."

4) Peeps involved: The whole campsite but mostly Mario and Chris

It was late at night and really dark out and we were all heading down to the bathrooms. Mario thought it would be funny to hide in the bushes and jump out every time someone came by. So Chris and Bobby were walking down and all of a sudden we heard this loud "RAH!" when Mario jumped out and then we heard this really high pitched scream. And we were thinking it was a girl but then we saw Chris coming down the road.

5) Peeps involved: Renee, Mona (me) and Bobby

(Remember that Renee is known for falling over all the time)

We were at the creek and the water was friggin freezing! So we went on this small island thing to warm up when Bobby came up to us completely soaked and said "OMG I'm just like Renee, I just fell into that ditch twice!"

And then Renee pushed him backwards and was like "You wanna make that a third time?" and Bobby was like, "OK!" And then pulled Renee by the arm into the ditch. I ran to Renee's aid but ended up being pulled in by Bobby too -_-

6) Peeps involved: Renee, Nicole, Lynn and Jackie

So Renee Nicole Lynn and Jackie were in a tent together. Every year everyone does a skit with their tent. They did a High School Musical parody. So here are some of the changed song lines/sayings that were there.

Song Lines:

"It's hard to believe, that no one noticed me, when I've got such a hot body!" (Sung by Renee and she was playing Troy)

"I have to admit something. My favorite color is purple, but sometimes, I wear gold. No, no no no! That just doesn't go! Nay, nay, nay, nay! That just doesn't play" (The purple gold part was Jackie's part I think)

"We're soarin'! Yea yea! Flyin'! Yea yea!" (It was a duetish thing and it was a rap song)


"What? Not feelin' the love from the b-ball man?" (Troy)

"What's the happy-hap?" (Troy's friend dude. Forgot his name)

7) Peeps involved: Renee, Alex, Owen, Mario, Lunn, Chris, Jackie, Nicole, Bobby and Mick

So all of them were at their usual corner table, I was sitting with Natalie that night, and they were laughing and talking really loudly. Then our teacher Angela came up to us and starting lecturing them about only sitting with each other and all of the sudden she shouted, "IT ENDS TONIGHT!" and then she burped up and skipped away (yes SKIPPED!) away.

8) Peeps involved: A lot of people, but mostly Owen I guess

So it was camping and the desert for that night was supposed to be no bake cookies or something. But they didn't turn out right. It was basically melted chocolate with oatmeal in it. At first it was ok, but after a couple of bites it started tasting really disgusting. Then of course Owen had to say, "It looks like poop in a bowl!"

Ewww THEN they put some in my DRINK! It was so disgusting! Oh and the mutation of poop in a bowl: if you put milk in it, it becomes diarrhea in a bowl. Yeah, we're so mature :P

9) Peeps involved: Chris

It was dinner one night in Japan. We were all supposed to use the chopsticks and all. That particular night we were having raw egg. So Chris was trying to dip his meat in the raw egg and he some how managed to spill all this raw egg all over his pants! It was soooo funny!

10) Peeps involved: Corey (SHE'S A GAL PEEPS!) Millie and Mark

Normally, Millie doesn't like Coke but for some reason she decided that the Japan Coke was better than the American Coke. We were on a ferry to get back from an island, and she gotten really hyper off of the Coke that she'd shared with Corey. Then Mark had stolen it and Millie kept on telling people that Mark had stolen the "Magical Coke" and eventually Corey and Millie invented a "weapon" where Corey would pick Millie up and Millie would rub a person's stomach. So Millie came up to Bobby and she was like, "Oooh it's so hard!" and then she called me over she was like "MONA! Bobby has a really hard stomach! You wanna feel?"

11) Peeps involved: Me and Bobby and Japanese students

We were visiting a Japanese school and during lunch we were split into groups. I was with Owen and Bobby. We were all seated in different places. So I was eating lunch with my table and they were asking me all these questions and stuff. Suddenly on of them looked over at Bobby and was suddenly like, "John Lennon! John Lennon! It's John Lennon!"

12) Peeps involved: Travis

This is another skit during camping. So Travis's tent had this fake love story thing. Travis was the princess, he was named Travisina. He'd put two containers under his sweater to be his "boobs" and half way through the skit one of the containers fell out and he was chasing it around the stage. It was soo funny.

13) Peeps involved: Bobby and Me

Bobby, Owen and I were going to a science lesson at the Japanese school. We were all split up and so at first I was just trying to take notes and help the people at my table. Then I noticed that Bobby kept on laughing, so I looked up to see what was funny, but I didn't see anyhting. So after the class I asked "Why were you laughing?" and he was like, "Oh the guy beside me was funny. He was like American girls very beautiful." I dunno it seemed funny to me :)


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