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Dark Life Incognito

By: Juli Monat

Page 1, A jealous guy spying on his girl friend and later found his real him.

Dark Life Incognito     


Its 9:37pm, the subject hasn’t moved for the last 45 minutes…rain is

Pouring down, a damn monsoon, my coffee cold as ice…and still have

To watch for this guy that I’m already hate. I wonder, life got to be so

Cruel? 2 days ago I was the happiest man of the world, now, I’m just

A broken mirror, no reflections at all. How could she do this to me?

Ok, I’m bold, old, sick, and no money in my pockets. She is just 28,

But she promised me love, real love, love between a man and a

Woman. Now she is seeing this other man, handsome, 30 years old

Have a beach house, and a gray sport cart. Why did she change me for

Him? How about the love she promised me? I still can hear my

Mommy’s words, son, she said, whatever you do, do it right, don’t

Ever fall for a woman, be instead a gay man, yes, you heard, a gay

Man.Forget about those dreams of yours, taking those panties down

From them women and smelling them panties like a mad man, it

Won’t do you any good, but suffering like a damn sweaty hot horse.

Straight man, never learned their lessons, so be in touch with

Mr.Bengay, I’m Ben, you Gay….Sayonara…Hasta la Vista.


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