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First day of highschool

Miscellaneous By: kidarox123

A little story of a girl named Chloe's first day of highschool.

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The following is a report of Chloe's first day of school from her point of view:

So my dad comes it at freaking 6:30 in the morning and tells me to get ready for school. I mumble something hardly audible and sit up- smacking my head on my night stand, then I stub my toe on my door jam, drop my contact down the drain, and get my hair caught in my blow dryer.....I can already tell this is gonna be a great day. (Note the sarcasm)

So we finally pull up to the school after the eventful morning, then I have to stand out in the 100 sum degree weather to get my stupid schedule. Great. Just great. I arrive late to class because they lost my schedule, making me look stupid in front of everyone...everyone meaning the class of 17 people. At least there were no hot guys. =D.

First hour: boring

So after being released from the most wasted hour of my life, I head to second hour. English. Harmless enough, right? I have never been so wrong. I walk into a room covered in sports (dare I say my least favorite word) posters. Ewwwww!!! I hate sports. With a passion. She explains that the more you know about sports the more extra credit you get...lovely. Then she talks about pointless stuff that no one cares about... there goes my favorite subject.

Second hour: Zzzzzzzz

finally out that torture chamber, I head to third hour....science....great. I walk into an overly happy teacher. How can someone be so excited about teaching kids stuff they don't want to learn??? On top of that the AIR CONDITIONING is out....perfect. Just perfect. So were all roasting in a room the the informs us the humid of. I'd tell you the number, but it's so high I think it would be a crime. Basically, we can hardly breathe. It's like walking into the butterfly chamber at the museum. Yuck. So he's explaining rules and explanations, in a room that now is starting to smell. Like wet dog. Fun.

Third Hour: dying of heat

so since the air conducting is out in all the classes and has been since that morning except for my first two classes...the only classrooms that have air....we are all eager to leave. Lunch is next. NOOOOOO!! So I head over to the Cafeteria in other words: the smallest excuse for a lunch room I've ever seen...I know absolutely no one. Then this one random person I went to seventh grade with walks by and ask if I want to sit with her...Jenna, my hero!! Or so I thought. We sit down with a whole bunch of scary people...and I mean, chain wearing, black clothing, gauged ears, skull shoes, black fingernails scary. *Shudders* Turns out they have a mouth on them...the "F" word every other word....great. Then this creepy.... thing sits next to me. Turns out its human. Not just a human, my Ex best friends, Amanda's, boyfriend.....and I repeat. "Just great"..... So I leave to sit by this girl that I recognize from summer camp. She ditches me in about 2 minutes. So I'm sitting by myself out in the court yard. Not to mention I didn't eat. Fun...oodles and oodles of pure fun.

Lunch: torture

the bell rings and I head off to fourth hour. Math...oh gosh just kill me now! He's not in his classroom when we arrive so we sit out in the un-air conditioned halls...waiting. Finally he shows up from his long lunch break. This guy is huge. I mean 6 ft 11 inches huge. I never though I'd fear my math teacher in more ways then one. *shudders*...we've all seen the movies set in high school, the teacher's are boring and the students are sleeping....well we all know that's not really an example of high school. Well in the class, that's exactly what would describe it. His boring monotone voice lulled over half the class to sleep....oh joy!

Fourth Hour: Snore.

The bell rings waking up and dismissing the class. I head off to Spanish now. The teacher assigns us seats. I'm all the way in the back at a table. By myself. Oh joy. The teacher gives us her life history and counts it as a lesson. How... exciting. Boring!!!

Fifth hour: kill me now!!

Finally, the bell dismisses me to art!!! Yeah!!! I get to class...since it's in a separate building it's air conditioned....horary!!!! Turns out Amanda's scary boy friend with a Mohawk is in that class.....great. He sits right behind me, and whispers my name every five minutes. What does he want??? Then He comes in. When I say "He" I mean Jason. He's this super hot blonde guy who just happens to be in my class. The bell rings and school is over. It was a bell, but I swore I heard the "Halulujia chorus" at the same time.

Sixth hour: Me likely!!

My mom picks me up in the front of the school and I'm free!! Next time I'm making sure my high school doesn't have 30000000000 dollars in debt, so they can't fix the air conditioning. It's against the law in Arizona to hold students in school if the air conditioning is out for more than an hour. So we get half days the rest of the week, until they can scavenge up enough money to fix the air conditioning.....lovely...high school...it's just great....(note the sarcasm)

I've waited my whole life for this??


You have finished reading an over view of Chloe's first day of school. If your mind has been corrupted in any way, you were warned. *Evil laughs*


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