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The Cullen's Heat things up on AIM

Miscellaneous By: kidarox123

The Cullen gang heat things up on AIM! This is what happens when a bunch of vampires get on AIM and act like well...brother's and sisters! *Sexual innuendos*

Submitted:Dec 3, 2008    Reads: 449    Comments: 20    Likes: 4   

checkoutmymuscles= Emmett
edwardsspidermonkey= Bella
bringingsexyback= Edward
Prettierthanyou= Rosalie
Ispywithmlittleyeye = Alice
mr.moody100 = Jasper
Doctorcoldhands= carlisle
Cleanupthatmess= Esme

ispywithmylittleeye has singned on 8:54

Ispywihtmlittleyeye : Hello Bella!

edwardsspidermonkey has signed on 8:55

edwardsspidermonkey: Hello Alice! I guess you knew i was thinking about signing on...

ispywithmylittleeye: Of course! SO....we need to go shopping

Bringingsexyback has just signed on 8:57

edwardsspindermonkey: What?! Noooo way!! Edward save me!

bringingsexyback: I'm here my princess! Alice stop harrassing Bella!

mr.moody100 has signed on 8:59

mr.moody100: Stop harrassing my wife!

checkoutmymuscles has signed on 9:00

checkoutmymuscles: Yes! I got here in time it's just starting to get good!

Prettierthanyou has signed on 9:02

Prettierthanyou: Your so stupid Emmett.

checkoutmymuscles: But you love me!! hee hee! =P

Yes i do my snuggle tiger...

bringingsexyback: EMMETT! that is disgusting!

i don't want to know.....

You will go shopping!

edwardsspidermonkey: Edward?!

Back off you annoying little pixie!!

over 100 years to perfect combacks (or outgrow them) and it still hasn't happened....darn.

checkoutmymuscles: ohhhh!!! BURN!! Do you need a bandaid for that big fat BURN?!

mr.moody100: I'm getting dizzy.

awww, my poor Jasper...Now Bella....

Edwardsspidermonkey: pdjmadkjelj[;e


We all know what that means.....Eddie and Bella-boo were *studying* together!!

Edwardsspidermonkey has signed off 9:07

Bringingsexyback has signed off 9:08

checkoutmymuscles: Nice.. =)

mr.moody100: HEADACHE!!

Prettierthanyou: Stop looking at me like that Emmett!

Eddikins gave me a great idea.....

mr.moody100: TMI!! Way too much information!!!

mr.moody100 has signed off 9:10

ispywithmyeye hsa signed off 9:10

prettierthanyou: Fine. Make it quick.

Sure thing babe....=D

prettierthanyou has signed off 9:11

checkoutmymuscles has signed off 9:12


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