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omegle.com: Im Not A Gay Sauce!!!

Miscellaneous By: L D Sexy

pranked some chick into thinking we had a gay experience ahahahahahah what an idiot

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omegle.com: Im Not A Gay Sauce!!!

L D Sexy: hey
Stranger: hello
L D Sexy: how are you
Stranger: i am fine. thank you. yourself?
L D Sexy: im terrible
Stranger: that blows
Stranger: why?
L D Sexy: i just had my first gay experience it was totally a surprise and now i feel so disgusted with myself
Stranger: are you a guy or a girl?
L D Sexy: a guy
Stranger: oh
Stranger: i see
Stranger: well, all my gay friends are super cool so if you decide to go that way...
L D Sexy: but im not sure if i want to, it was a total surprise
Stranger: oh, was the other guy like your friend?
L D Sexy: yes
Stranger: did you know?
L D Sexy: no like honestly i thought we were just gunna play some basket ball behind the church where the hoop is
L D Sexy: next thing i know i feel sommn hard on my back
Stranger: that must have been awkward
L D Sexy: ya i was like what the hell tyreke
L D Sexy: i turn around and he has a huge hard on
Stranger: wow
L D Sexy: and he was like do u wanna see it and befor he answer his pants were down
L D Sexy: and he were against the church making out
Stranger: did you like it?
L D Sexy: well next thing i know im on my knees sucking his huge black cock
Stranger: hmm, interesting
L D Sexy: ya
L D Sexy: i have a girlfriend too
Stranger: wow, that must have been extremely awkward
Stranger: or at least it will be when she hears about it
L D Sexy: i dunno if i should tell her
L D Sexy: shes gunna think im total gay sauce
L D Sexy: and she has my baby
Stranger: she's pregnant?
L D Sexy: yes
Stranger: oh, wow. you're in quite the dramatic situation
Stranger: i'm sure you can produce a TV show off this
L D Sexy: no way everyone would know im gay sauce
L D Sexy: and im not
L D Sexy: but i cant even look at her anymore
L D Sexy: and tyreke grabd my ass and say will do sommn with this next time
Stranger: DONT!
Stranger: you have a baby
L D Sexy: but i dont know what i have to do tyreke is like my bestest friend i dont wanna lose him
L D Sexy: and i want my baby too
L D Sexy: my baby means everything to me
Stranger: baby beofre friends
Stranger: before
Stranger: either that or you cneed to talk to tyreke
Stranger: and clear things up
L D Sexy: omg but i dont know if im gay or not
L D Sexy: i dont know if i wanna suck his cock again or not
Stranger: you need to figure that out
Stranger: and soon
L D Sexy: omg im so confused
Stranger: wait what is your name?
L D Sexy: chris
L D Sexy: now i wanna kill myself
L D Sexy: jesus must hate me for doing gay shit behind a church
L D Sexy: my baby isnt here yet tho
L D Sexy: my gf has been pregnant for 6 months now
Stranger: you need to be there for her
L D Sexy: what if i do both i can stay with my gf and still have gay sex with tyreke
Stranger: you would be lying to girlfriend
L D Sexy: but i think i still want tyrekes cock
L D Sexy: he told me he has more gay friends who could join in
L D Sexy: but i still dont think im a gay sauce
Stranger: don't chris you have a baby on the way
L D Sexy: omg ur right why did this have to happen to me like it was like a one in a million shot kinda like a white guy makin a life out of rappin
Stranger: lol well if your girl is pregnant you need to stay with her
L D Sexy: but i think i still want cock it tasted so good
Stranger: but you said you dont want people thinking your a gay sauce
L D Sexy: yo ur a gay sauce for believe this hahaha u stupid faggot U BEEN PRANKED!!!! HAHAHA


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