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"Grout-be-Gone Toothbrush Cleaner"

By: Mike Stevens

Page 1, A new grout-picker-upper product!

“Grout-be-Gone Toothbrush Cleaner”


“You scrub and scrub those nasty spilled globs of unwanted grout, but they won’t come up! If only there was a product that would tame those mountainous spills of rock-hard grout that you stupidly slopped all over the tub you’re trying to install. If only you’d have hired a professional, who might have a fricking clue about what they’re doing, instead of trying to do it yourself to save a few bucks. Well, as to trying to fix it yourself, we say, “Good luck with that!” We’re the makers of the new Grout-be-Gone Toothbrush Cleaner! The next time you slop some grout where you don’t want it to go, simply spray some of our miracle Grout-be-Gone Toothbrush Cleaner on that unsightly, oozing mess, and our cleaner goes to work, breaking down the unwanted grout, but be careful! Our miracle cleaner not only eats through grout, it eats through everything, porcelain included! Make sure you wear the specially-made, ‘Skin-Graft Avoider’ gloves we’ve included, absolutely free! In seconds, the spilled globs of grout begin to smoke; then you simply scrub the grout with our patented toothbrush, and the grout is removed; it’s magic! Of course, the tub you were trying to install is now a melted, useless hunk of crap, but hey; at least the damned grout is cleaned up! Before you begin, simply purchase our new product, Grout-be-Gone Toothbrush Cleaner Protection Fluid, and wallah, problem solved! So, brush away that spilled grout, that before felt like a speed bump on your a**,; purchase some Grout-be-Gone Toothbrush Cleaner!”

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